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How to fix uninstalled DLC bug on PS4

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You paid for the DLC, so you should always have access to it. Unfortunately, some of his PS4 players seem to have uninstalled his DLC unexpectedly, with no obvious solution other than reinstalling it. once again. But before you reinstall the game and lose all your save data, you should Try this easy fix. This is not a drastic approach to the problem.

PS4 DLC doesn’t usually piss off like this. This problem, Recent 10.00 firmware update, which itself shipped with some new features. However, one unintended consequence was uninstalling the DLC on some PS4 devices.s Use an external hard drive to store that DLC.

Sony will always issue a patch whenever it fixes an issue, but don’t wait.Reddit user SegaJAM Shared a fix for r/PS4, this saved a lot of people with DLC and sane comments. Here is a simple 4-step solution to restore his DLC after a firmware update.

  1. From the PS4 Dashboard, press and hold the PS button on your controller.
  2. go To sound/devicethen select Stop using extended storageYou’ll get an alert telling you that you can remove the external hard drive, but don’t worry, you don’t have to.
  1. Select while holding down the PS button Power > Restart PS4.
  2. Wait for the PS4 to rescan the hard drive.

that’s it! You should see DLC again in the title of your external hard drive. Some people suggest removing the external hard drive from the PS4 before installing firmware updates in the future. This will avoid such problems from occurring. next time.

That said, it’s possible that at least a firmware update affected the internal drive’s DLC. According to one of the comments In that Reddit thread. If so, it’s not clear if this fix will work.

How to fix uninstalled DLC bug on PS4

Source link How to fix uninstalled DLC bug on PS4

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