How to find bad weeds

Those who are promoting the whole country Cannabis legalization wants to see the industry Fully realized and regulated In contrast to the marketplace More or less restrictive patchwork local Many old weeds in regulations and mylar bags, some find it today.

If you don’t live in weeds-Areas that are growing or where they are located Safe to grow by yourself, You can find the best and freshest shoots That adventure It never ends. Even if you do so and you rely on legitimate stores, quality and price are not always the same. To Provide the necessary tools and know-how To have a good experience Before You walk In the store, Why did we ask heavy cannabis hitters for tips and tricks on sorting good weeds out of bad weeds?

Weed Columnist POV: See Harvest Date

Writing about weeds is not about testing all strains and checking their growth. You have to tell the truth. It’s in a close industry, You can change your destiny in an instant.. Emerald cup Judge and columnist Jimi Devine literally said, “Heat Seeker “—Heat is a codeword Great cannabis that has been built over the years Trust in the industry, Cover the policy and work practically in the clinic.

“Genuine Hyper Elite Cannabis, Most of us don’t have the opportunity to be exposed in our lives, “Divine wrote in an email. “”A great pot sweet spot is to get off the shelves in about 60 days. In most commercial environments, it is difficult to get “heat” afterwards. “

His advice to consumers is Consideration Harvest date.For those who want heat but have weak purchasing power, Divine is “Light Dep” this is Outdoor cannabis That is Robbed That light trigger Not the flowering process The process, which was allowed to bloom on its own Produces high quality weeds at low prices..

Color and odor test

Someone in the clinic Choosing what to put on the shelvesBut who is choosing what goes out of the field In a bag? That’s the job of a procurement specialist, They are Perfect person Ask about the purchase good good.

Former weeds Organic vegetable grower Rachel Smith has done a lot with the brand’s cannabis space. Her last gig was related to picking (and marketing). for Up-20 California Canna brand..

What are the main differences between consumer purchases and buyers who make large purchases for work?Stakes — Still According to Smith the Experience is closely related. “One feeds the other,” she said... “”Internal quality cOntroll is very important in creating consumer consistency. My main goal when creating a product line is to package and sell consistent products at the right price. One substandard experience drives customers to compete.. “

When choosing a product for a client, Smith knows what to look for. “First and most importantly, cannabis flowers must pass an odor test,” she said... “”Buds should be stimulating and fresh [you]Need to squeeze and grind [them] Releases aromatic terpenes. If you have a large nose, do a visual inspection. The buds should be light in color and densely packed with trichomes. Nag needs to be in good condition, There are no extra leaves and stems. “

LLook for signs of Indicators for mold, mold, and other substandard or unsafe products. “Buds [should] Does not contain seeds or male flowers that affect the potency of cannabinoids and may indicate other problems with the cultivation practices used.“She said.

The sprouts still need to pass the lab test before parking on the shelves. It is checked for cannabinoid and terpene content and for pesticides and microbes.All of these are things you can’t see, but they can have a huge impact on your experience-it’s Why buying from a store is the best way to avoid unsafe weed additives.

Smith said when in doubt, ask budtender.. “”Brands that take pride in quality usually make sure that retailer employees have the opportunity to try out the product and talk about its value, “she said... “”Budtenders can also listen to customer feedback and measure repeated purchases. CChoose a retailer with competent and knowledgeable staff who can help you lead you to a purchase you won’t regret.“

The best weeds are sometimes in the basic package

John Kay Co-founder of Kanna Company of BarbSelling to Canadian buyers, Where The national market is quite different from the United States One patchwork.

“”There is no package marketing in Canada, so all that matters is the quality of the flowers, “Kaye wrote in an email... “”In a sense, due to restrictions, brands are all on an equal footing and the quality of the flowers provides sell-through. There are no flashes or gimmicks. “

This means that cool design is not part of the game.orth. “Canada producers are also growing under the large requirements of the federal government, so the industry has some of the cleanest and nicest flowers tested in highly controlled laboratories. You can get it.“He added.

With Canada In the only federal law Kay describes the global cannabis market as follows: They get crafts, flowers cleanly from producers and brands who understand it. “

Once the United States The government put it together and hopefully The brand is Follow it.A strong cannabis market helps consumers get the best products When Best price, so do what you can to make your voice Local support Regulatory changes If you want to see the heat in your conditionof Retail cannabis store.

How to find bad weeds

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