How to dispose of old clothes the right way

Four ways to bring clothes that cannot be sold, donated or repaired to your new life.

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When clothes have reached the end of their life and can no longer be used Will be repairedIt’s time to be creative.Founder of Irina Mackenzie, FabcycleA Vancouver-based social enterprise that collects dough for diversion from landfills and shares some inspiration on what to do next.

1. Make something

If you’re cunning or know someone, old clothes will be a great stuffing for things like pillows, footstools, pet beds, especially dogs that love to snuggle up to the human scent. ..Mackenzie states that it is also worthwhile to provide what you have as scrap to the Facebook Marketplace or other manufacturers. Buy nothing group.. If your work is of emotional value, try making a cushion or stuffed animal that you can hug from the wreckage of your beloved clothing (or hire someone to make it).

2. Return the rag

Cut used clothing made of absorbent cloth, such as cotton, into rags for cleaning.Bonus: Save Paper towel And microfiber cloth.

3. Find an alternative donation site

Animal shelters often bring towels, blankets, and fur to take care of the rescue. Some schools and day care use lint for arts and crafts. “Call your municipal waste management hotline for a list of organizations that reuse textiles in your community,” says Mackenzie.

4. Scrap it

Mackenzie Tip: Don’t put the fabric in the trash (even socks with holes). Decomposition produces greenhouse gases that can leach harmful dyes and chemicals into the soil. As a last resort, unusable clothing is brought into a donation box (not a thrift shop) where it is sent for sorting and, if worth it, sold for shredding and reuse. “Unfortunately, we don’t have a good system,” she admits. “This is what we have to work on right now, they are the only ones that can take those materials.” Mackenzie puts more intimate items such as socks and underwear in a plastic bag and puts it in a plastic bag. We are proposing to list the contents.

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How to dispose of old clothes the right way

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