How to deal with being single: professional advice

From time to time, each of us feels an overwhelming sense of loneliness. Most of us manage to easily cope with it, but still, there are periods when it lasts an unexpectedly long time.

Of course, we humans all are social beings, and each of us needs a couple. Well, there are tons of good single ladies dating websites for that!

But until you find your chosen one, you need to learn how to cope with your loneliness, stop being afraid of it and suffering from it. Now we will give you some proven tips on how to do this!

Fight your sense of insecurity and fear

Usually, shy and uncommunicative people with low self-esteem, lack of social skills, and who are constantly afraid of something experience a feeling of chronic loneliness.

Start building your self-esteem by consulting a psychologist, doing what you love, and do it well, practicing breathing exercises, etc. These things can really help you stop feeling left out and out of the loop.

Widen your social circle

Meet someone right on the street or in the park, or take a closer look at fellow students at the university, or colleagues at work.

Talk to them about some simple things, joke and laugh with them. Such short communications can develop into friendship and you will get some good friends even before you know it!

Do more, think less

When you’re feeling lonely, you start sinking in this feeling, and you spend a lot of time and energy feeling sorry for yourself, doing nothing to stop this.

Stop focusing on your problem and find something to do right now. By acting, not thinking, you will break out of the endless cycle of your dark thoughts. Work in the garden, chat with your neighbors, or go to a cafe or movie and try to get acquainted with someone. A change of scenery will help you to get away from the oppressive melancholy. You have to admit that it is difficult to suffer if you are busy with something!

Be kind to yourself

When we are depressed, self-flagellation will not help. But unfortunately, we are all doing this, even if we don’t want to. Instead of discussing our problems with someone, we bottle it up in ourselves. As a result, we feel incredibly lonely!

Learn to forgive yourself for little failures and remember that life is just a game.

Discover something new for yourself

When you turn on the “curiosity gene” and do something that really captures and interests you, there is no room for blues!

Try taking a new road on your way to work. Plan a short trip for one day, visit the new areas: small towns, parks, forests, nature reserves, museums, memorial sites. On the road, try to learn something new, meet new people, so that you have something to remember!

Start helping other people

The surest way to stop feeling sorry for yourself is to help someone else! Donate old clothes to a charity, distribute used electronics, furniture, toys, and other unnecessary things to those in need. It will be useful for them, but even more useful for you.

This will help you to clear some room for new emotions in your life!

Understand what you are missing so as not to be lonely

Decide what will fill the emptiness in your life. A true friend? A soul mate? A spouse? Find out what the reason is and write down a plan for how to eliminate it.

For example, all your friends are far from you. Of course, today there are no barriers to communication, but it’s always better to have someone by your side!

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