How to Choose the Right Skirt

Worried about choosing the right skirt for your next formal event?

With Christmas and New Years Eve just around the corner, many women are planning on wearing skirts as part of their holiday look. But choosing a skirt is not as easy as it looks! You’ll have to think about the style, length and occasion to choose the best fit.

We’ve come up with this mini style guide to help you choose the best skirt for your next formal outfit. We’ll discuss how to choose the right style and length to flatter your figure along with tips on choosing the best style for any occasion.

If you need to shop for a new skirt after reading our guide, remember that there are a few ways that you can save on your next purchase:

  • Shop during holidays like Christmas and Black Friday for major savings
  • Check out the clearance section of your favorite brands for best-selling styles at a discounted price
  • Shop with a coupon code! Brands like Tuckernuck offer a wide variety of skirt styles and they allow you to redeem a coupon code at checkout for extra savings. Save money with this Tuckernuck promo code by BravoDeal.

Pick the Right Length

Skirts come in lots of different lengths from mini skirts that are super short to maxi skirts that reach the floor. Not every skirt is appropriate for every occasion! Here are some tips on choosing a skirt of the right length:

  • Mini Skirt

Mini skirts are short skirts that end a few inches above your knee. To choose a mini skirt that will flatter almost any figure, choose a skirt that ends just above or below the knee. These skirts are very casual and best left for a night out with girlfriends rather than a formal event.

  • Midi Skirt

A midi skirt ends somewhere between your knee and ankle. These mid-length skirts have a tendency to shorten your legs so make your pair it with a heeled shoe to add length. These skirts are a great alternative to floor length dresses at formal events.

  • Maxi Skirt

Maxi skirts are skirts that are so long that they touch your ankle or even the floor. They work great for tall women and depending on the style they can even be worn at a formal event.

Pick the Right Style

When trying to decide on a skirt you should also consider the style and whether it’s appropriate for the occasion. Don’t forget to learn how to match your heels to your skirt too!

  • Denim

Denim is a look that’s definitely too casual to wear to your next formal event. While it might be a good look for running errands or a night out with your girlfriend, it’s best to leave denim skirts for casual events.

  • Pencil

Pencil skirts are form-fitting styles that are straight cut, narrow and closely hug your legs. Despite being considered a professional and conservative look, they’re still a bit too casual for a very formal event.

  • Pleated

Some skirts have pleats which add fullness to their shape. These pleats usually start from the waist or hips. Depending on how you style a pleated skirt, it can be perfectly acceptable to wear them to a formal event. Just avoid super short pleated skirts and opt for a midi skirt instead.

  • Bell-shaped

Bell-shaped skirts live up to their name! A bell shaped skirt starts at the waist and flares out at the knees causing a bell shape. Bell skirts are appropriate for evening wear. If you’re wearing a bell skirt to a formal event, choose a fancier fabric such as silk or brocade.


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