How to Choose the Best Online Casino That Welcomes Canadian Players

Gambling is legal in Canada as long as the operators are regulated by a Canadian province. As in other countries, the authorities issue licenses to private operators wishing to provide online entertainment. However, gambling companies outside Canada that are not regulated by a non-Canadian gambling law can still accept Canadian players, they are just not registered with a Canadian authority. 

The online casino industry is therefore an ever-growing one, which means you have a wide range of operators to choose from. Sure, you can gamble at different casinos if you want, but it does not hurt to have a favorite or two to turn to. However, for a casino to become your favorite, you need to consider things like game selection, customer support, user interface, and the like. Luckily, we have compiled a list of tips for choosing the best online casino that accepts Canadian players.

Use a Comparison Site to Find the Top 5 operators

The easiest way to go about finding an online casino is to start with visiting a comparison site. There are a bunch of them, like Cherryredcasino.com which reviews and ranks a bunch of NZ casinos that accept Canadian players.

Such comparison sites make the hunt for an online casino much easier, as you do not have to start from scratch. Instead of trying to make a list of your top five out of an endless amount of operators, you can simply review which casinos the comparison site has ranked as their top five.

Review the Game Selection Offered

Now that your list of potential casinos to play at is smaller, you can start reviewing what games each operator offers. Many operators’ offerings are similar to each other, as they need to go with the flow to survive the competition. However, some may have a greater focus on slots than others, for example, and some are better at updating their selection than others.

When reviewing the games on offer, it is important to think about what you would want from a game selection rather than the amount of games that are offered. If you intend to stick to live casino games only, it is a waste of time to gamble at a casino that only offers two or three titles in that category.

Compare Bonus Offers

Today, almost all online casinos offer bonuses to their customers, both new and existing ones. However, the amount of bonuses possible to claim can vary a lot, as well as the content of them can be different from operator to operator. Some casinos do not only give out one welcome bonus but also have a generous VIP offer, for example.

So now, when you only have a few online casinos left to compare, we suggest you keep the bonuses offered in mind to make the best decision. Sure, the bonus is far from the most important factor to consider, but when there is some extra cash to use on your favorite slot or table game, it should at least not be something that holds you back.

Just remember that many bonus offers tend to look incredibly lucrative on the surface, but can then come with high wagering requirements and other terms and conditions that can be difficult, almost impossible to meet.

Approve the Interface and Mobile-Friendliness

You want to make sure that the casino you finally choose will not cause you frustration while gambling, which can easily happen if the interface is far from user-friendly. So before you sign up and possibly claim a bonus, you should navigate around the site to see if it meets your requirements for ease of use.

You want to make sure that you can move freely around the platform without any problems from your browser on both your computer and phone. The latter is usually not a problem as the vast majority of casinos now have a mobile-friendly version due to demand. But it is still a good idea to check it out on your own.

Ensure Professional Customer Support

If any questions come up while you are playing at a casino, you want to be able to ask someone those questions. This is especially true when you need help and tools to gamble more responsibly. A customer service team that is only open for very limited hours or that takes a long time to respond and may even respond in a rude manner should be avoided. Ideally, you want to register at a casino that focuses on providing the best possible customer experience.

If you are gambling at a Canadian casino, you will be able to contact the customer support in English and/or French, depending on which province the casino in question is regulated by. However, if you are gambling at a casino that is not regulated by a Canadian province, you may have problems contacting customer support if they neither speak English nor French.

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