How to Choose and Use John Guest Fittings for Beer Line Systems?

John Guest Fittings — This special equipment is made of food-grade plastic and is an excellent alternative to traditional compression fittings. Therefore, if you brew beer and want to improve your brewing system, John Guest Fittings are exactly what you need.

How to Choose John Guest Fittings for Beer Line Systems?

First, let’s understand what John Guest Fittings are.

These are plug-in quick coupling fittings that provide a durable connection of various beer tubes.

The main advantages of such connections:

  • Easy and durable operation;
  • Quick installation: the brewer does not need to use special tools;
  • High-quality materials ensure excellent tightness of the entire structure;
  • Can be reused: such a connection can be carefully dis- and reconnected where it is needed;
  • The use of such fittings makes maintenance and repair much easier;
  • Large selection of sizes.

If you do not know how to choose the fitting type that suits your needs, please contact This brand offers high quality brewing equipment and will gladly help you to choose the product that will suit your particular brewing system.

Beverage Craft range includes connecting taps, three-way dividers, tube-to-pipe hose, linear plastic closing fittings, plugs, elbow reducers, crankshafts, tees, corner and straight fittings, quick-release couplings, fixing clamps and more.

Here you will find everything to brew the most delicious beer!

How to Use John Guest Fittings for Beer Line Systems?

The working principle is as follows:

  • Insert the end of the tube into the fitting to the stop. Inside the fitting there is a ring with stainless steel clamps at the back, which grab the tube and keep it in place.
  • Push the tube forward to the stop. You will understand that the tube is firmly fixed, as you can’t push it further into the fitting. Inside the fitting there is a collet – a ring that will hold the tube tightly without deforming it.
  • If you need to disconnect the fitting, first release the pressure in the line. Next, press the collet to the front of your fitting and gently pull the hose in the opposite direction.

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