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How the iPhone 14’s new Emergency SOS feature works

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One of the new features of the upcoming iPhone 14 is satellite connectivity. This is a feature that could save your life. apple I showed off my new phone just a while ago During the live-streamed “Far Out” event this week, Explained how new features can help Communicate with emergency contacts in a variety of life-threatening scenarios. No signal.

For example, if you’re hiking in a remote area and get hurt or lost, the Emergency SOS feature on iPhone 14 lets you call or text first responders. Send alerts to mobile phone contacts, Even if you don’t have a mobile or Wi-Fi connection.

Making a satellite call on your iPhone 14 is easy. Hold your phone normally (it won’t work if it’s in your pocket or backpack) and try calling your emergency contact. If your phone can connect to the satellite, the call will connect. If not, your phone will direct you to a nearby location that is more accessible. The best locations are high elevation areas with minimal overhead foliage and no nearby hills or mountains.

If the call has not yet Cannot connect.can connect Then try sending a text message to emergency services via satellite.Tap “Emergency text by satellite” If prompted after trying to call or go to Messages and Texts. 911 Also SOS. then select “Emergency Service” and tap “Emergency call”

Satellite communications are slower and less available than regular mobile data and Wi-Fi, so Emergency SOS on iPhone 14 also includes a guided survey to send information about emergency services I can do it. wasting time or exchanging messages.apple is We’ve also created a new compression algorithm to make satellite messages smaller so they can be sent faster over satellite connections.

In addition to guided messages, you can also share your location data with your contacts via satellite. Option selection via Report Emergency questionnaire, and through the Find My app.Emergency SOS function Automatically alert emergency services Useful when the iPhone 14’s built-in crash detection feature kicks in. (This feature is similar to A.android automatic crash detection and emergency alerts. )

Emergency SOS feature on iPhone 14 kicks off in U.S. Canada in November. Apple says this feature will be free for his two years, but it’s not free. still words about the cost after that. Presumably, this feature will also be present on the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max. However, this was not clearly confirmed at the iPhone 14 reveal event.

How the iPhone 14’s new Emergency SOS feature works

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