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How Technology Has Propelled Casinos Forward

The casino industry chose to harness any technology that was useful to them many decades ago. Every time there is an advance in a suitable area, casino operators move to understand whether it could improve the guest’s experience or some other area in the gaming establishment.

Once upon a time, the famous eye-in-the sky was simply one-way glass that allowed security to monitor the gaming floor below. It then was updated to modern-day camera equipment to allow enhanced security, and then later facial recognition was added. Now thermal sensors are used as well to check for possible cases of Covid.

This is just one example of how casino operators use technology to propel their businesses forward. Below you can read more about modern facial recognition in casinos, and other forms of technology being used.

What technology is used by casino operators today?

A lot of the tech being used in casinos is hidden from the players, but some are clearly on display.

For example, Angel Eye shoes are used to count which cards are in play at any given time in a game of blackjack. The shoe reads an invisible barcode on each card as it is dealt. While many players will be unaware of this tracking technology, anyone attempting to switch cards and cheat will discover its presence very swiftly when security is called.

Other tech such as the eye-in-the-sky is clearly visible, and everyone is aware of its presence. Some of the best uses of technology are listed below.

The rise in importance of the internet with casino operators

Almost certainly the most important advancement in the casino industry has been brought on by the advent of the internet.

When casinos were shuttered during the pandemic, the online side of operations literally saved the day. Not only did online casinos allow operators to carry on functioning and keep a revenue stream, but they also grew in popularity and took a bigger chunk of the market.

The online gambling market was worth around $66.7 billion in 2020, but the pandemic saw that grow to $72.3 billion by 2021. There is a predicted growth of CAGR of 11.5% from 2022 to 2027. Forecasts put the online gambling sector at around $131 billion by 2027. This means the market will have doubled in less than a decade.

The internet allows players to enter any casino they like regardless of location. Clicking on energycasino.com will take a player from Finland or the USA to an offshore online casino to play poker against players of any nationality.

Artificial Intelligence can help problem gamblers

AI is being employed by some casinos to help gather data and improve the player’s experience. However, it can also be used to spot problems and unhealthy patterns in gameplay.

Responsible operators can use AI to help players by providing some form of safety net. This could be as simple as a pop-up to question whether the player wishes to take a break, or it could put a block on deposits being made for 24 hours. This could help players manage money in online casinos.

AI is also being used for fraud detection, and facial recognition – more on that below – and to understand more about game selection preferences by guests.

Facial recognition is being employed creatively

Already mentioned more than once in this article is the use of facial recognition. Foremost, facial recognition was brought into casinos to improve security. The truth is it had limited success depending on how it was employed. The eye-in-the-sky can’t always capture faces due to its placement. Now though, AI is being used to reshape Las Vegas with facial recognition.

The next time you play a slot machine you might discover that it has facial recognition installed. This can be used to spot VIP guests and treat them to a better experience. It can also spot unwanted visitors and alert security while locking them out of the game.

Blockchain could increase safety online

Many countries including Canada are seeing incredible growth in the online casino industry. Now blockchain is threatening to take online casinos to the next level.

Cryptocurrencies mean there is no need for sensitive financial details to be handed over and stored, and players can be completely anonymous. Casinos can even be decentralized through the use of blockchain and thus become more transparent with every wager clear to all.

Payment methods have been simplified but improved

Technology has allowed payment methods to be made in a whole raft of different ways. In traditional casinos cash is still king but bitcoin ATMs allow for more convenience. Similarly, online there are now many different ways to deposit funds including through e-wallets, crypto, bank transfers, or standard debit cards.

Encryption is also used to make these transactions more secure, and increase the trust between player and casino.

Virtual reality could finally break through in casinos

According to the Franklin Institute, forms of virtual reality go back to the 1800s, but the term itself wasn’t coined until the 1980s.

VR has been threatening to revolutionize casinos for some time now but hasn’t quite made the impact hoped for. Whether VR takes off is debatable, but the potential for creating genuinely real casinos that are viewed through VR headsets is there.

If VR headsets become more commonplace for gaming devices then the possibility of bridging the gap between online casinos and the real thing could get closer.

Chat software is used to improve customer support

24 hours, seven days a week. That is the operating hours for online casinos. Therefore, customer support needs to be available during these times.

Chat software allows virtual operators to take up basic problems and pass them on to in-house staff when more clarity is needed. Chatbots can also help by gathering basic information regarding the customer before moving on to a real person to handle it.


There are many more ways in which casinos are using technology. RFID tech is used throughout land-based casinos to increase security and improve guests’ enjoyment.

Mobile apps are used to send personalized offers and messages to guests. And NFC is used to make checking in a smoother process for regular players.

Casinos will undoubtedly keep using new advances to make better and safer games and to keep improving the experience of the returning and new players.

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