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How often should you mow your lawn, based on the type of grass you have?

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Every adult has at least one “lawn person” in a social circle.Here’s why people on the lawn are so crazy about it: Few things in this world need more attention and planning than lawn... The lawn is a thirsty and hungry vampire, and when attention is shaken, it turns brown with a heartbeat and becomes brackish water. The thing about grass is that it has to be mercilessly tamed, and it involves mowing regularly so that it grows wildly as nature intended and unthinkable. .. However, it is sadly wrong to think that grass is grass and that the mowing schedule used on one lawn can be easily applied to other lawns. There are different types of grass, and the frequency with which you need to mow the lawn depends on the type you are dealing with.

The height of the grass before cutting

As a rule, you need to grow the lawn a little — uUnless you’re absolutely sure that your grass is the type that thrives when cut nearby Encourage you to cut short.. Remember the “third rule”. Do not mow more than one-third of the height of the grass in a single mowing session. As the lawn is established and grows, the frequency of mowing depends on how high the grass is. First, find out what kind of grass you are dealing with.Most lawns One of two basic categories:

Cool seasonal grass

If you live in the northern part of the United States, you’re probably dealing with fescueBluegrass, or ryegrass. These grasses grow rapidly in spring and autumn and accelerate when it rains a lot. Ideally, mow fEscue (wide blade and glossy appearance) when height is 2-3 inches, bLuegrass (has a V-shaped blade) when it is between 2 and 2.5 inches (has a V-shaped blade)Note bluegrass can grow up to 2 Feet High if you don’t care about it), and rIf the height is 1-2 inches, yegrass (the blade is narrow and bright green).

Warm season grass

Bermudagrass, zOisia glasses, buffalo glasses and St. Augustine are classified as warm seasonal glasses. Found primarily in the southwestern United States, these grasses breed during the hot season. They grow rapidly in the heat, but often go wrong in the presence of cold waves. Like their cousins ​​in cold weather, heavy rains promote faster growth. Bermudagrass is coarse and remains fairly low relative to the ground, It has roots on the ground and should be trimmed when the height is 1 to 1.5 inches. Buffalo glass is softer, more fluid and needs to grow a little more. Cut when it reaches about 2 inches. Zoysia is a bright green color, but the color is maintained for a long time. If the length is 3/4 inch to 1 inch, cut aggressively. St. Augustine is a popular choice because it forms a dense carpet, albeit with a rough texture.Before you cut it off, you have to make it at least 2 inches.

What isHade lawn?

You will sometimes hear references to “shaded lawn,” which means that this is a completely different category of grass. Yes, but not. Shady lawns are generally cool seasonal grasses, carefully mixed and designed to thrive in the lowlands.The state of the sun. If you’re trying your hands on shaded grass, it can be a hassle to grow for obvious reasons. Before cutting, grow a little longer than other methods.


If you inherit the lawn and you don’t know what kind of grass you have on the ground (and you don’t want to do the research needed to find it or replace it), the 3 minutes mentioned above Follow 1 of Dominate and mow about once a week. This will probably keep most of the lawn.When the grass starts to turn yellow, let it grow a little more and then resume the schedule...

How often should you mow your lawn, based on the type of grass you have?

Source link How often should you mow your lawn, based on the type of grass you have?

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