How much is the solar rebate in SA

Solar power is now one of the most sort-out systems in the world. In Australia, there is the highest penetration of solar power in the world. But still, there are places and people who have not embraced solar power. The truth is, solar power can be expensive to install. But thanks to the Australian government, homeowners in the whole country can install solar power without much of a hustle. This is due to the solar rebate program that seeks to have solar power at a subsidized rate.


How does the solar rebate system work

The government of Australia has partnered with solar installation companies to have people install solar panels at lower costs. Homeowners in not just Southern Australia but the whole country benefit immensely by having solar power at a slightly lower rate and enjoying the full benefits of solar power.

The government has subdivided the country into several zones. SA falls under zone 3 whose ratings is 1.382. The ratings are important as they help determine what kind of rebates you will get.

Apart from the location, the size of the solar system also plays a significant role in determining the number of rebates one gets. The bigger the solar system, the more one gets with a 10 KW system getting as much as $5900 in southern Australia.

Small scale technology certificates

Solar power rebates are also determined through small-scale technology certificates

(STC). In simple terms, the STCs are certificates given by the solar installation company to a homeowner upon installation of a solar system. The STCs are tradable in the open market and their prices are determined by the forces of demand and supply. That said, the price of an STC hovers around the $40 mark but sometimes it can go as low as $35.

The cost calculator

When it comes to calculating the solar rebates one is entitled to, the following formula is applied;

Solar power system (KW) * zone rating * deeming period (Years).

Going with that formula, for someone wishing to install a 10kw solar system and lives in Southern Australia, this is the much they can get;


This means the person in SA who has a 10KW PV solar system, will be entitled to 152 STCs. Now, going by a market price of about $40 per STC, the homeowner is entitled to about (152*40)= $6080.

How to claim your solar rebates in SA

With solar rebates promising to save many homeowners potentially thousands of dollars, there is a genuine concern on how to claim them. Potentially, there are two ways on how to claim your SA rebates; you can do it yourself or you can claim them through the solar installation company.

Claiming the solar rebates yourself in Southern Australia

If you are not willing to have someone else claim the rebates for you, you can always do it yourself. Of course, you must be willing to make multiple trips to government offices and be patient to follow through.

Before you even think of claiming the rebates, you must follow a strict guideline that is set by the authorities. Here are some of the things you need to claim your rebates in SA;

  • Prove of ownership- documents that verify that you’re the owner of the said property
  • The solar PV system must meet the set requirement of being able to produce 10kVA for a single-phase and 3-kVA for three-phase electricity.
  • Installing the solar system for the first time. Old systems are not eligible for solar rebates.
  • Has never gotten another rebate program previously. You are only entitled to one rebate for your solar system.

Claiming the solar rebates through solar companies in Southern Australia

If claiming the rebates yourself feels like a lot of work, which genuinely is, there is the possibility of using the solar installation companies. This is the easiest and most straightforward option for most homeowners in SA. Most solar installation companies will charge you rebates at the point of sales. That means that you will get a bill that has the rebates deducted.

But you must be careful with choosing the installation company as the government’s rebates are only applicable to companies and solar systems recognized by the clean regulatory authorities.

Feed-in tariffs

Apart from solar rebates, installing solar PV systems will also have you shedding thousands of dollars from your power bills. This is thanks to the feed-in tariffs where homeowners have to give back excess power back to the grid. In return, the power company will shed off some of your power bills. In some parts, homeowners can get as much as 15cents per every KW they feed back to the grid.

This solidifies the need to install solar panels to every home. The benefits are immense and with the government offering rebates, SA owners should take advantage and install solar power.

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