How Kendall Jenner reacted to the loss of the “Vogue” cover to Sister Kim Kardashian

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Kendall Jenner always prioritizes her family over modeling. In the latest episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashian Family, Kris Jenner revealed: trend After first considering Kendal’s work, he decided to provide Kim Kardashian with a March 2022 cover.

In his confession, Kim hurriedly said this opportunity. “This is a special feeling for me. I’m very honored to be part of it,” before admitting to her mom, everything was actually pretty “bittersweet.”

“I feel very sick,” Kim told Chris about the situation in Kendal. But in her confession, Kim admitted that her young self would have been far less worried about her sister’s feelings than her current self.

“If it was an option between us, I would probably have killed Kendal and got the cover,” Kim told the producer how he reacted to the situation 15 years ago. Told. “My despair at the time would have been buried before she got this cover.”

Although she had strong sympathy for her sister, Kim refused to be the person to tell Kendal the news. As the manager of her daughter, Chris thought that her work for her would be entrusted to her. But when she sat down to break the news, Kendal revealed that her agent had already spilled beans.

“I feel very good,” Chris confessed. “You don’t know anything. I was afraid of it. I didn’t want it to hurt your feelings.”

“Oh no … I’m glad my sister gave it up,” Kendal said in a confession before expanding her feelings.

“I’m happy with my sister, and she must be really happy,” Kendal said. “I don’t have any upset bones in my body because I think it went to the right person.”

Chris praised his daughter in his confession and called Kendal the “best man.”

When trend Away from Kendal’s table, Chris turned her attention to making her 26-year-old daughter think of another outlook: giving birth to a baby.

“Maybe it’s time to give birth,” Chris told Kendal, choking the model on her drink.

“That’s my life, okay? Kendal doesn’t know if he’s still ready before explaining in his confession,” he told his mother. “There’s still a lot to understand before welcoming a child into my life. I’m still enjoying life alone, and I’m okay with that now.”

But Chris didn’t let it go. Instead, I went as far as calling a doctor to make sure they were more likely to survive by freezing eggs at a young age.

“You make me uncomfortable,” Kendal laughed and told his mother.

Kendal denied his mother’s grandchildren more, but Kim was working hard on her, at least for the time being. trend A shot that was a big difference from the last two times she graced the magazine.

“I feel like I’ve come a long way because I didn’t talk openly about what I liked and wanted to have complete control,” she said. “… There was nothing that was really me before I wore it. This is me … By doing this, it feels like such an evolution. trend Shoot other things trend shoot. “

A new episode of “The Kardashians” will be broadcast every Thursday on Hulu and Disney +.

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How Kendall Jenner reacted to the loss of the “Vogue” cover to Sister Kim Kardashian

Source link How Kendall Jenner reacted to the loss of the “Vogue” cover to Sister Kim Kardashian

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