How Gore Mutual is tilting talent trends

The goal of Gore Mutual’s Next Holiday strategy is to transform from a medium-sized regional carrier to a “digital-led, purpose-driven” national insurer. To support that, insurance companies have rejuvenated their business with a brand that was redesigned in 2022. This redefines the meaning of being a modern mutual insurance company focused on doing good, doing good and spreading good throughout Canada.

Gore Mutual’s transformational initiative and purpose-driven DNA have helped insurers add more than 200 new employees over the last two years. In 2021, 130 new roles were added to each other, enabling nearly 100 internal moves through promotions, lateral moves, and backfills. According to Gore Mutual Chief Human Resources Officer Sonia Boyle (pictured), the insurer will remain in hiring mode in 2022 and will hire more than 80 more this year to support its growth trajectory.

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“During the pandemic, employees reassessed their expectations in terms of where their careers are and what they expect from their employers,” Boyle said. “We are Canada’s oldest mutual insurance company, with a history of more than 180 years, but recently launched a redesigned brand that offers purpose-based, exciting stories. Next Horizo Throughout our journey, we have focused on hiring the best talent in terms of expertise, changing our mindset and helping us reach our goals.

“When hiring people, we were looking for talent with functional expertise, technical expertise, and someone who had undergone transformation (including me-hired during the pandemic). .. [influence] How the company will move forward. That is a big value proposition. We are recruiting people and can say: “If you want to be part of the build, and really want to work on something from scratch, this is your chance.” People who were excited about it joined Gore very happily, and they said we were me. He helped us facilitate our transformational journey. “

Gore Mutual has achieved its talent acquisition goals in the context of massive retirement. This is a topical term for a significant increase in workers who quit their jobs during the COVID-19 pandemic and change their expectations about what they want from their careers and employers. For employers who want fair compensation and profits, flexible working styles, are socially conscious, and address major issues such as diversity, equity, inclusiveness (DE & I) and climate change. I want to work for you.

“Companies that are thriving today […] There is a big purpose other than business income, “Boil said. Insurance business.. “And people are asking about it during the hiring process. They want to know what they can achieve in terms of work and career, but” what does it mean to work at Gore Mutual? Why is it important? ” It was a real game changer for us in terms of our culture and the people who work for the company where they can actually see the impact of their work.

“Our DNA is a mutual company and giving back to the community is always at the heart of what we value. As we grow, we lose the cultural element that our employees really appreciate. We are very careful about not wanting to. The purpose is a very big part of our transformation and our core identity continues to revolve around the mutual aspect of giving back to the community. The purpose-driven mindset really enhanced our ability to attract talent. “

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Gore Mutual’s digitally-led, purpose-driven transformation resonates with talent at every stage of the career journey. For young talents and those who have just graduated from college, mutual insurance companies offer internships and collaborative programs to educate people about what an insurance career looks like, much through the transformation of Gore Mutual. In the insurance industry, from the technical role to the face-to-face sales role, technology development, actuarial science, etc.

“For those in the middle of their career, they may have reached a plateau or are looking for ways to expand their knowledge and contributions to the organization. We can provide that,” Boyle said. I commented. .. “And people who want to use their expertise and experience to influence and really be happy with the work they are doing are deeply involved in their careers. I think people are theirs. I think there’s a story to be told here across the spectrum of where you are in your career.

“Our talent acquisition team has done a great job of getting out there and telling our story. We are not a large employer. […] But when people hear us, they get excited about it. And when they actually join us and see the contributions they can make, it gets really cool. “

How Gore Mutual is tilting talent trends

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