How can you use image search techniques to verify news?

The problem of fake news is increasing every day. This is major because people are unaware of the consequences of creating and circulating fake news. In this article, we will tell you all about the best way to verify news with the help of image search techniques. If you have never heard of the image search technique, then you have been missing a lot.  we suggest you read this post and start verifying news at your home.

Reverse image search technique – All you need to know about verifying news!

As the name tells us, reverse image search is the search technique that involves searching by images instead of text/keywords. In the past, searching by images was considered as impossible. Still, today you have multiple search engines, websites and even mobile applications that provide your free image search facilities. So if you are looking for the best reverse image search platform, you can easily find it online and use it for free. 

Reverse image search is generally used for finding similar images on the web. Still,  use it for dozens of other purposes. This also includes finding and verifying fake news. If you have never heard of using reverse image search to verify fake news, then no worries. Here we have discussed the complete procedure for verifying news.

How to verify an image with the help of the image search technique?

First of all, you have to trust your gut when you read a news post. You will only go for its verification if your gut tells you that something is not right with the news story that you are reading. If you feel that the news is not authentic, you should save the news post on your device. If it is in the image format, you can easily download it or take a screenshot of the news post. As the image search technique provides the facility of search by image and search by image URL, easily put the saved image in the input box or provide the image URL. You will find the relevant results within seconds.

What information can you gather with reverse image search?

When you search by image, you can find the following information, which can help you verify whether the news is original or has been manipulated from another source.

Similar images to the news post

The most basic results that you can find with the image search technique are similar content for your input. You would get details about all the similar or even relevant images on the web that matches your news post. You can manually compare the pictures with the news post. You can easily find out whether it has been manipulated or not.

Find the source of the image.

With the help of the image search technique, you can easily find out the image’s source. You can check whether the news post you have saved was from the source or manipulated from another. Knowing about the source of the news can help you verify it with your input.

Image plagiarism 

With modern-day reverse image search, you can easily find image plagiarism. You can find out all the websites, pages, and social media accounts with the same image content as yours. This information is also very vital when it comes to news verification.

End Words!

There are many reverse image search utilities and search engines on the web, but you have to ensure that you pick the best one to verify news posts. A few reverse image search resources can help you get accurate results for verifying news posts/images. These include reverse image search by, Duplichecker, and even Bing. All of these tools are extremely easy to use and are free for everyone. Use them for finding similar images and getting relevant and accurate results.

In the past, news verification was considered to be difficult and close to impossible. Traditional ways of news verification are very much costly and time-consuming. This is why we would urge our readers to try the modern image search technique and tools for verifying news posts that you see on blogs, websites, and social media pages. If you start using image search techniques for news verification, you can quickly stop fake news circulation!

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