How can employers prepare for Hurricane Fiona?

Bad weather like this can be a cause for concern for employers. According to federal weather forecasters, “similar cyclones of this nature caused structural damage to buildings.” “Construction sites may be particularly vulnerable. Foliage on the trees enhances wind effects, which can cause long-term, widespread utility outages.”

COVID-19 vaccination clinics were canceled to ensure the safety of workers due to a “big snowstorm” that hit Ontario in January. Also in October 2012, in the aftermath of Hurricane He Sandy, a veteran hydro worker in Sarnia, Ontario, died trying to repair damage caused by a devastating storm.

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In a blog posted on the company’s website, Catherine Bergeron, manager of health and safety services at Peninsula Canada, said, “Employers should take immediate action to protect their staff and business during such severe weather emergencies. It’s important to have a plan in place,” he said. “Having procedures in place to deal with severe weather can reduce the impact of a disruptive event and get your business back on track more quickly.”

Planning for on-site hazards that may be created by extreme weather events is also part of the employer’s responsibility under the Occupational Safety and Health Act, she added.

How can employers prepare for Hurricane Fiona?

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