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How (and why) to make your own concrete tiles

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For patio building, stepping stones, or paths, concrete tiles are an affordable option. Some ambitious DIY enthusiasts even make their own indoor floor tiles.Creating your own concrete tiles gives you more design freedom. You can use ready-made molds or make your own sand molds from any tile you like. You can choose the shape, size, color, texture and design of the tiles to suit your style and needs. You can also save money by doing it yourself.

Materials needed to make concrete tiles

To make concrete tiles, you need:

Start by finding a flat area to set up the mold and laying out the tarp to keep the concrete out where you don’t want it. or have a hose to handle the spill.

How to add color and texture to concrete tiles

If you want to add a special texture to your tiles, you can add totalling, or rocks of different sizes and colors on the inner surface of the mold.There are many kinds colour It can be added to concrete so it can look like terracotta or stone. You have to make sure it comes out of the mold.

How to pour ready-made molds

For ready-made molds, mix the concrete with water according to the manufacturer’s specifications and stir well. Once you have the right mix, spray the inside of the mold with a release agent. This allows the tiles to be easily removed from the mold without damaging the mold and tiles. Concrete molds are usually made of flexible, stretchy silicone, so make sure you place them on a stable surface when pouring. Once the mold is full to the top, shake it back and forth slightly to remove any trapped air bubbles and allow the concrete to set overnight.

How to pour homemade mold

If you choose to make your own mold, you’ll need to get a box and play with the sand. Fill the box with enough play sand to fit the tiles and fill it until it’s firm. Once you have the object you want to mold, make a loop of tape on the back side to use as a handle. Pour concrete over the impression left and allow the concrete to harden overnight. It is important to do this step carefully so as not to accidentally change the shape of the mold.

get your tiles out

Once the concrete has hardened, it is removed from the mold. For ready-made molds, hold the mold upside down with your hand underneath. For nasty mold that doesn’t come off right away, gently point it against the tarp and dab it off. For handmade molds, remove the tiles from the sand and brush off any loose particles. When creating multiple copies of the same tile, you should always start with the original tile for the sharpest impression.

How (and why) to make your own concrete tiles

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