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Hot oatmeal needs frozen berries

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For a weekday breakfast to be considered “good”, it must meet three main criteria. They should be easy and quick to prepare, large enough to last until lunch, and tasty enough. Don’t start your day depressing. Oatmeal breezes through his first two, but usually needs a little help hitting the third. This is where the add-in joins the chat.

Sugar, honey, nuts, chocolate chips, and fruit of all kinds are just a few of the common additions found in oatmeal bowls, but frozen fruit does double duty.according to This smart Reddit userat least when it comes to time management in the morning, frozen fruit is slightly better than fresh.

Add frozen berries to warm oatmeal to thaw while cooling oatmeal to edible temperature

that’s it. I like to do this because my morning routine is pretty quick because I don’t want to wait for the oatmeal to cool naturally. Alternatively, you can add a little less liquid to the oatmeal when you prepare it, and add some ice cubes at the end to help the cooling process.

Milk and cream have similar cooling capabilities, but even refrigerator-chilled dairy products can’t cool as quickly and efficiently as frozen ones (it’s just physics). Berries are also flavored undiluted and mixed into the beige porridge to create a beautiful, vibrant swirl of concentrated berry juice.

My only edit to this move is to be sure to add something sweet like sugar, honey, or maple syrup just to allow the berries to reach their full potential. It tends to be sour, and the addition of a small amount of sugar ensures that a bowl of oatmeal meets all three criteria for a weekday breakfast.

Hot oatmeal needs frozen berries

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