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“The day-to-day work of the hospital pharmacy team is very important and can save the lives of patients,” said Zack Dumont, chairman of the Canadian Hospital Pharmacist Association (CSHP). “Unfortunately, many people don’t know what a hospital pharmacy technician is doing. Whether you know it or not, the hospital is a highly trained director, manager, pharmacist. We have a team of technicians and assistants to ensure that you receive the safest medicine that best suits your needs. “

As a reliable pharmaceutical specialist, hospital pharmacy specialists make an important contribution to the healthcare system. Pharmacy technicians and assistants play an important role in the pharmacy, formulating medicines and preparing infusion mixtures in the hospital. Pharmacy technicians also ensure that the best possible dosing history is available to professional care teams to ensure accurate and up-to-date information on the medications patients are taking at home. This is a great help in preventing drug interactions and ensuring dosing continuity for hospitalized patients. On the other hand, for hospital pharmacists, it creates a pharmaceutical care plan tailored to each patient’s unique needs, adjusts medications at admission and discharge, prevents medication problems, and helps patients understand themselves. Educating them to comply is all part of the day’s work. Dosing plan. Care between quality specialists is incomplete unless hospital pharmacy specialists guarantee the use of safe and effective medicines.

Strong evidence shows that the expertise of hospital pharmacists can bring significant benefits to both individual patients and the Canadian healthcare system. Team-based care involving clinical hospital pharmacists reduces readmissions and length of stay, improves patient compliance, and saves significant financial costs to the healthcare system. There are many examples, but one recent study found that the intervention of a Canadian hospital pharmacist could save up to $ 1.37 million over a six-month time frame, preventing an additional 867 days in a surgical patient’s hospital. It is estimated that it was possible.

This task is complicated by a long-standing problem of drug deficiency in COVID-19, but the pandemic is exacerbated. Hospital pharmacy teams usually spend hours each week procuring alternative medicines for their patients when shortages are causing problems. We also carefully triage our inventory to ensure an equitable supply of medicines based on each patient’s needs. At the federal level, pharmacists from organizations, including CSHP, join Health Canada’s Tier Allocation Committee to develop national strategies to minimize the impact on patient care, manage shortages, and save drugs. doing. The knowledge and ingenuity of pharmaceutical experts is essential to tackle complex problems such as drug shortages.

The pandemic puts a lot of pressure on the already heavy responsibilities of the hospital pharmacy team. Every day of this long crisis, pharmacy teams work at the forefront, caring for patients, supporting evidence-based care in the face of rampant misinformation, and preparing and administering large-scale COVID-19 vaccines. I’ve been. They are exhausted. Jody Ciufo, CEO of CSHP, said: “The dedication of Canadian hospital pharmacy professionals is nothing less than extraordinary. These individuals are heroes.”

Hospital Pharmacy Hero-Hospital News

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