Hope the Warriors keep rolling

The East may have the toughest division in the NBA, but the West has the bulk of the elite teams. Defending his champion has done it in Golden State, and so has Phoenix’s regular season his champion. The Clippers are deep and healthy, the Nuggets are finally whole, the Wolves are reloaded, and Memphis’ young core is a year older and wiser.

As training camp approaches, it’s time to reflect on the choices I’ve made, whether Kawhi Leonard is fit, whether Russell Westbrook is setting the screens, and whether Zion and Luca are in shape. The end of the NBA’s free agency period. do i change my mind? Or would you be more confident in your premature choices back then?

Pacific Division

Golden State Warriors: 52.5 wins or more
Phoenix Suns: 52.5 wins or more
Los Angeles Clippers: 52.5 wins or more
Los Angeles Lakers: Less than 44.5 wins
Sacramento Kings: Less than 34.5 wins

take: Some of these lines have moved since I last covered them, but there’s no reason to change my picks. I still like it even though it jumped up two games warrior’s overcoat It was 10 years ago when Stephen Curry, Draymond Green and Klay Thompson were healthy and the Dubs didn’t win less than 53 games. Even though the Lakers line moved from his 45.5 to 44.5 last month, I’ve been dismissing the Lakers every chance I get. The Suns and Cripps feel he is closer to a 60-win team than a 50-win team.

and Kings. Since July, obviously a lot of money has come in over, but I took the Kings under with his 32.5. His two-win jumps I’ve seen on this line give me even more confidence. There are few things in this world that you can rely on. Finding out how the Sacramento Kings suck is one of them.


Denver Nuggets: 51.5 wins or more
Minnesota Timberwolves: Under 48.5 wins
Portland Trail Blazers: 39.5 wins or more
Oklahoma City Thunder: Less than 23.5 wins
Utah Jazz: 25.5 wins or more

take: The Denver and Minnesota numbers are only moving by one win, but both are moving in the direction I chose for July. So we feel more confident instead of changing these picks I bought the wolf at his 49.5 but the 48.5 is not enough to scare me 50.5 Not the same as Denver over 51.5.

Apparently it was Zag who chose Portland’s over at 40.5. Because the market clearly doesn’t agree with me and he’s betting that number down to 39.5. I’m sticking with that gun. I still believe in Damien Lillard and think his supporting cast is deceptively talented.

The only change we’re making to the Northwest pick is Oklahoma City. Unfortunately, Chet his Holmgrem, his second pick overall and gangster prodigy, suffered a ligament injury in his foot that would force him to miss the season. Thunder, who was full of energy, is firmly in tank mode.Like OKC Under 23.5 wins without Chet, especially Shai Gilgeous Alexander is said to be in the trading block.

Southwest Division

Memphis Grizzlies: 49.5 wins or more
Dallas Mavericks: 48.5 wins or more
New Orleans Pelicans: 44.5 wins or more
Houston Rockets: Less than 23.5 wins
San Antonio Spurs: 24.5 wins or more

take: Memphis has one less number and Marves has the same number. In fact, outside of New Orleans, everyone in the Southwest is experiencing a shift in numbers.

Still, I haven’t changed a single pick. Gregg Popovich still believes he can win 25 NBA games with the Wreck Team roster.

Most importantly, I still believe in Ja Morant and Luka Doncic. Bettors have pulled Grizz down from his 50.5 to 49.5, so my overpick is going strong. Assuming Tim Hardaway Jr. and Spencer Dinwiddie are back in form, the addition to Dallas’ frontcourt should offset the loss of Jalen Brunson. . And the NBA is the Star League. Always ride top talent.

As always, play safe and don’t chase.

Editor’s note: Losing money isn’t the only problem with gambling. They occur in succession and can affect a person for the rest of his or her life. Click here for more information on how to have a healthy gambling relationship and find resources for support.

Hope the Warriors keep rolling

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