Hole-in-one report: Mickelson national members repeat feats

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When Tyson Black brags about a recent hole-in-one, they may stop him and say, “Hey, we’ve already heard this story!” Not perfect. Black repeated his feat with his signature assignment last summer when he carded his first ace at number 17 at Mickelson National’s home club. This is a similar shot from a similar location. As he said, “there were two lightning strikes.” Black followed the exact recipe for the second pinseeker — an exact 7-iron from 180 yards away.

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Michael Schmidt’s ace was a walk-off. Schmidt & Co as the sun went out during a dimly lit round at Collicutt Siding. Declared to play another hole before calling it night. He stepped up to the 14th tee, swung smoothly with a pitching wedge, and aimed from 138 yards behind.

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Shannon Lefroy was perfect with a pitching wedge on the 6th hole of Khanmony, 93 yards.

Also in Khanmony, Janice Thiersen hit a four-hybrid at number 17, and her aim stood out from the 110-yard block.

Apparently, just a few weeks after Dylan Mickle started playing golf, he’s already run out of ace. Immediately enthusiastic about sports, Mikuru did his 11th shortwork at the Tooth of the Dogg Pound Creek, thanks to a great 8 iron covering 118 yards.

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Warren Vale will only say good things about his 7-iron, which was the second 135-yard memory maker on the Silver Springs scorecard. With that stellar shot, Veale completed his career hole-in-one hat-trick.

Joanna Douglas did it only once on the 6th hole in Pinebrook. The 8 iron was the correct call for a 104 yard challenge.

Tony Den skipped Fox Hollow’s second putting and found a five-hybrid flagpole from a distance of 155 yards.

Garrett Tanner potted the third pitching wedge on a 124-yard dandy downhill Darcy Ranch.

This didn’t fall off in the local layout, but some Saskatoon people were talked about the news that Ronsatter (former Calgary Flames Forward, later the club’s development staff) filled the beauty during the round. It must have been. Riverside of Saskatoon. Ron, one of the six Satter brothers skating at the NHL, is 160 yards away at number 7 to add a hole-in-one to his resume, which already contains more than 200 goals on the biggest stage in hockey. Launched the 8th iron from.

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Hole-in-one report: Mickelson national members repeat feats

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