Hockey Canada letter shows 37% of player fees go to insurance portion of National Equity Fund

In a letter sent by Hockey Canada CEO Scott Smith to NDP MP Peter Julian, more than 37% of player fees are used to cover insurance costs, including “sexual misconduct compensation.” indicates that there is

The letter, a copy of which was sent to Sportsnet on Thursday, shows that of the $23.80 that players nationwide paid to Hockey Canada, $8.90 was used for “general liability insurance.” This portion of the fees collected will be fed to the National Equity Fund. Hockey Canada said in July that he would not use it to settle sexual assault allegations.

The letter demands further accountability and transparency from Hockey Canada after Julian said he learned of the benefits and luxury accommodations offered to board members through a former board member (who remained anonymous). Written in response to a letter dated August 22nd.

Julian wrote that he had seen information that would cost the board of directors more than $5,000 for dinner, as well as accommodations for more than $3,000 a night, such as the presidential suite at the (Westin) Harbor Castle in downtown Toronto. I’m here.

In response to those questions, Smith said in a letter that all costs associated with the board would be reviewed. However, Smith said, “I cannot speak to the information I received regarding specific dinners and accommodations as it was not provided by Hockey Canada, but I do not believe it to be accurate.” Added.

Smith said the governance review being undertaken by former Supreme Court Justice Thomas Cromwell aims to ensure that the Board’s practices and policies “meet the high standards that Canadians have legitimate expectations of.” He added that there are

Julian also wrote in a letter requesting information about bonuses mentioned by Smith in his July 27 testimony in Ottawa, in which he said, “The Board and our members have from time to time received versions of championship rings and There are some staff members who have bonuses related to medal performance.”

In the letter, Mr. Smith replied, “It is my understanding that this information has been provided to the Commission.” No other details were provided.

Allegations of sexual assault involving eight unidentified players, including members of that year’s World Junior Team, were reported in May after a 2018 festivities in London, Ontario. The national sports organization has been subject to intense scrutiny.

Allegations of gang sexual assault involving the 2003 World Junior Team surfaced in July. A third potential allegation is also being investigated by Hockey Canada’s independent third-party investigators.

Neither claim has been heard in court.

— Using Emily Sadler’s files from The Canadian Press and Sportsnet

Hockey Canada letter shows 37% of player fees go to insurance portion of National Equity Fund

Source link Hockey Canada letter shows 37% of player fees go to insurance portion of National Equity Fund

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