Hilaria Baldwin reveals that his son Rafael broke his arm

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Hilaria Baldwin’s heart is broken for her son, Rafael. Hilaria used Instagram early Thursday morning to share that she and Alec Baldwin’s six-year-old son broke their arm “really badly” while playing in the park.

In a moving post, the mother and model detailed Wednesday’s event and shared a photo of Rafael’s visit to the emergency room with her father, Alec. Also, after returning home, he showed a cast to his brother.

“Rafa played in the park yesterday and broke his arm badly. I wanted to raise my head because I could see him in the cast for a while. To the Lenox Hill emergency room who took care of our baby. Thank you. I am very grateful to the doctors and nurses for your expertise and kindness. This is part of being a very sad parent, “Hillaria began.

The parents were upset, but after the boy returned from the hospital, he made a bed for the little Rafael on the floor of the bedroom so that he could be monitored.

“When that happened, we were with the baby, and receiving the call sinks your heart. His little voice on the phone,” I want mom … “to reach him It’s too long to know that it takes 20 minutes. Because their pain and fear can’t be removed right away … nothing we have to prepare for this, right? We were in the hospital quite late, and then we made a bed on our floor (wild sleeper, afraid he might fall out of our bed) “She continued. “I don’t know how many times he called me last night. At one point I whispered to myself, telling what happened and saying over and over again. “I broke my arm.”

Reassuringly, Hilaria admitted that it would be a “long recovery path” for their son.

“It’s going to be a long way to recover, but he’s certainly riding it, so we’re relieved 💕,” she added.

In a nice video posted on his Instagram, the 64-year-old actor shared with him why Hilaria continues to have children.

In the clip, 13-month-old Maria, the youngest eight-year-old father, is smiling with a camera.

“People ask why,” Alec writes. “That’s why. Being a parent is the ultimate journey.”

In the video, you can hear the “30 Rock” star outside the camera asking his baby girl, “Who is it?” She then giggles.

In addition to Rafael and Maria, Alec and Hilaria (38 years old) are Carmen (8 years old), Leonardo (5 years old), Romeo (3 years old), and Eduardo’s parents for 18 months. Alec is also the 26-year-old Irish father because of his relationship with Kim Basinger. In March, Alec and Hilaria revealed that they were hoping that their seventh child would be together.

“The wedding ring is engraved with” somosunbuene quipo “. We always tell each other at home — we are a good team, ”Alec and Hilaria told ET in a statement. “One of the most beautiful things my kids have experienced with a big family is how their hearts grow with each new sibling. Our loving abilities continue to grow and this fall I can’t wait to accept our new little child! “

In addition to the statement, Hilaria shared the news in an Instagram post featuring Alec and all his children. “After many ups and downs over the last few years, we have exciting ups and downs. Another Bold Winnite is coming this fall 💛,” she wrote next to a video surrounded by children. “We were convinced that the family was perfect, and we are not happy with this surprise. We share with you the moment we talked to our children — as you can see. They are so excited! Our new baby is a very bright place in our lives. Blessings and gifts of such uncertain times. While away from social media, you are not I was lonely … I look forward to coming back and continuing with you this wild journey we call “life”. Our love for you and your loved ones ❤️. “

One source told ET that Alec and Hilaria were “overwhelmingly excited” about their new additions. “Children love to be part of a large family and can’t wait to see their new siblings,” sources said. “They feel they are a big team.”

“Hilaria and Alec have done great work and I absolutely love being parents. The family has an incredible bond. Everyone is overjoyed.”

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Hilaria Baldwin reveals that his son Rafael broke his arm

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