Here’s How to Disagree at Thanksgiving Dinner

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Even the most like-minded families don’t agree on everything. Holiday dinners are often Controversial topic. Of course, there are no plans to do so.Watch each other gather around the same table.

So if these tough conversations are unavoidable, you can also make them matter. Here are some ways to make it Disagreements are more productive.

How to make disagreements more productive

As far as disagreements inevitably arise, here’s how to make the most of them and walk away with the relationship intact.

pay respect

This goes without saying. People tend to get distracted when they feel abused, so not only do you want to show respect to the person you’re dining with, but it can also lead to better conversations. This includes avoiding raising your voice when trying to make your case.

admit disagreement

As soon as it becomes clear that not everyone is of the same mind on a particular topic or issue, it’s best to admit it. admit disagreementIdeally, change the tone and feel of the conversation from trying to get people to change their minds to explaining their position and the reasons behind it.

move when it’s time

Know when to do when disagreements have come full circle and may be veering into unfriendly territory shut downOr, if there are topics that get very emotional and discussing them won’t do you any good, avoid them altogether.

Here’s How to Disagree at Thanksgiving Dinner

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