Hedley frontman Jacob Hogard testifies in a sexual assault trial in Toronto

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WARNING: This story contains details that some readers may find uneasy. Please read at your own discretion.

Canadian musician Jacob Hogard testified on Tuesday that both encounters were agreed and “passionate” and strongly denied raping the two women.

Hogard, 37, defended himself in a sexual assault trial and called “sluts” and “sluts” who spit, slapped, and complained during the two 2016 encounters. He admitted that certain acts may have been performed, such as calling him a “whore.” It happened because they were in his sexual orientation.

However, he denied touching either of the petitioners without their consent, or said no, whether the petitioner cried during the encounter. He also denied that she touched her longtime fan, a young petitioner, who she first met when she was 12, in a sexual way before she was 16.

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“I knew when she was 16 … I just wanted to know,” Hogard told the court.

When asked why he wanted to know, he said, “Responsible and not violating the law … I am confident that Canada’s age of consent is 16 years old.”

Hoggard, the frontman of the band Hedley, pleaded not guilty to two sexual assaults and one sexual interference that caused physical harm, and crimes related to sexual contact with people under the age of 16.

It is an agreed fact if Hogard arranged each petitioner to meet him on two separate occasions at a hotel in the Toronto area in the fall of 2016.

Upon arriving at the hotel, prosecutors alleged that Hogard raped the plaintiff violently and repeatedly, causing bleeding and bruising.

Both women testified that they cried and said no during the encounter. The young plaintiff also said she tried to physically resist, but Hogard fixed her.

In his testimony on Tuesday, Hogard said it was much easier to meet women, remembering that he enjoyed the attention the band received after gaining fame in 2004.

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One night’s stand became commonplace during the tour, even when he had a relationship, the singer said, and he built an important list of sexual partners in various cities. I added. He said it was “difficult” to be loyal and easy to “just enjoy attention”.

He said it was quite common for him to arrange transportation through a travel agency to take the woman to the hotel during the tour.

Neither petitioner can be identified under the ban, nor can several other witnesses be identified.

Hogard’s cross-examination will continue on Tuesday afternoon.

The defense also said it plans to call the limousine driver who drove the young plaintiff as a witness to meet Hogard.

Hedley frontman Jacob Hogard testifies in a sexual assault trial in Toronto

Source link Hedley frontman Jacob Hogard testifies in a sexual assault trial in Toronto

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