Health Canada approves portable brain scanner

Surrey, British Columbia – NeuroCatch Inc., a subsidiary of HealthTech Connex, is pleased to announce that the latest version of the NeuroCatch Platform Brain Assessment System has received a Health Canada Medical Device License. The previous generation, his NeuroCatch, already received Health Canada approval in 2019 and is currently being used in numerous clinical studies across North America.

NeuroCatch is an industry-leading medical device that provides a rapid and objective assessment of brain cognitive function in minutes at the point of care. This technique is used throughout Canada and the United States to assess concussion and other neurological conditions. Next Generation His NeuroCatch’s latest breakthrough advances 10-15 times more sensitive to detect subtle but significant changes in brain function when monitoring neurological conditions such as concussion and brain injury Improved.

The NeuroCatch platform can be used in a variety of health conditions including brain injuries, neurological disorders, mental health issues, and brain optimization. Following FDA clearance in the United States, the latest Health Canada approval paves the way for Canadian clinicians and researchers to quickly take advantage of the next-generation capabilities of this cutting-edge technology.

said Ryan D’Arcy, Ph.D., president and chief scientific officer of HealthTech Connex. “As a leading research and development company in neurotechnology, we are committed to the highest possible quality through pioneering scientific breakthroughs. It provides health care professionals and researchers with even greater evidence-based assessment capabilities to quickly and accurately provide objective measures of cognitive function, delivered in minutes at the point of care.”

NeuroCatch, the world’s first fully accessible portable cognitive brain scanner, consists of an electroencephalogram (electroencephalography or EEG) sensor embedded in a mesh cap and interfaced with a custom hardware/software platform to enable standardized medical Provides grade results.

Qualified medical professionals and researchers can use the NeuroCatch platform anywhere in the medical field, including clinics, laboratories, hospitals, sports facilities, schools, military theatres, and remote deployments. From baseline assessments to ongoing treatments, it helps you anytime in the continuum of care with immediate and intuitive results to guide clinical decisions.

Results are simplified by converting evoked brain responses into intuitive radar plots that can be compared to previous scans over time.

The next generation of NeuroCatch offers notable advancements including:

  • View the largest and most representative prescriptive reference value datasets in a cloud-based platform that provides real-time access to the coveted radar plots (source).
  • Innovative EPiO adapter for 10-15x improvement in time accuracy and sensitivity.
  • A rapid, objective physiological cognition report that provides sensitive digital cognitive measures.
  • Deployable digital health technology that can be applied to any point of care where professional healthcare and clinical research is taking place.

The NeuroCatch platform is currently being used for both clinical and research applications at leading centers in Canada and the US, including the long-distance COVID Brain Fog treatment program at the Surrey Neuroplasticity Clinic. Landmark concussion studies in youth hockey and football players were led by the Mayo Clinic and Sanford Clinic, respectively.

Since then, NeuroCatch has developed a variety of clinical trials to help clinicians diagnose concussions where they occur, identify breakthrough treatments, effective preventive options, and begin predicting adverse outcomes. Rapidly and widely deployed across clinical and research investigations.

When brain damage is more severe, NeuroCatch is helping improve clinical care by leaders at Children’s Hospital of Alberta and Weill Cornell Medicine at Cornell University. NeuroCatch’s expanding clinical applications include healthy cognitive aging, neurological disorders (dementia, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, etc.), mental health (anxiety, depression, PTSD, etc.), and optimization of brain performance. included.

“NeuroCatch, born from cutting-edge science and research, provides an objective, sensitive, rapid, and portable assessment of components of cognitive brain function.” Alberta Children’s Hospital and University of Calgary. “This opens up long-awaited possibilities for clinicians and researchers to advance brain health care. We are looking forward to this next generation release for increased sensitivity and intuitive reporting.”

“I attended Ride to Conquer Cancer and was at the top of my game when I slipped and fell into the bathtub and fell on my head. Founder and CEO of KRE-AT, TEDx speaker, author, radio/film producer Tom Dutta says:

“I have suffered from mental health problems, experiencing chronic anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, debilitating photosensitivity, double vision, gait disturbance, impaired balance, vestibular function, executive function disturbances, and major headaches. It wasn’t until I sought medical help with advanced neuroscience capabilities that looked inside the brain that I could see and feel the improvement. It has helped and, along with some neurological treatments, has had a huge impact on my current recovery.

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About Neurocatch Co., Ltd.
NeuroCatch Inc. is a neurohealth technology company focused on translating neuroscience research innovations into real-world medical devices and consumer products. NeuroCatch Inc. is located in the Health and Technology District of Surrey, British Columbia and is a wholly owned subsidiary of HealthTech Connex Inc. The company’s medical device, his NeuroCatch® platform, is an objective, rapid neurophysiological brain function assessment system and is licensed. Certified as a Class II medical device by Health Canada. Easy to use, cost effective, and easily accessible to healthcare professionals, researchers, and peak performers.

About Healthtech Connex
HealthTech Connex combines science and research and development into product breakthroughs utilizing cutting-edge technology and Software as a Medical Device (SaMD). The team is made up of recognized health, science and business leaders with extensive experience leveraging healthcare advances facilitated by agile partnerships through its headquarters in the Health Technology District of Surrey, British Columbia. It has been. The company is focused on delivering translational neuroscience innovations to the care sector and communities around the world. For more information, visit

Health Canada approves portable brain scanner

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