HBO fights back after Lakers legend Jerry West blames the “terrible cruel” portrayal of “Time of Victory”

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The NBA legend wants to withdraw from HBO.

In a letter to executive producer Adam McKay and network executives, former Los Angeles Lakers star Jerry West blamed the series “The Time of Victory: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty.”

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The series, which was recently renewed in the second season, is called the “intentionally false characterization” of himself and the other real people depicted in the series, and West and his lawyer from HBO within two weeks. Requested a legal withdrawal. variety report.

In the letter, the series “brought great pain to Jerry and his family,” and “in contrast to the unfounded portrayal of the HBO series, Jerry loves and harmonizes with the Lakers organization, especially the owner Dr. Jerry Buss. There was only one. ” “

West said the portrayal was “extremely cruel” and that many others depicted at the show contributed to their own criticisms, including Kareem Abdul Jabber.

West doubled in an interview with Los Angeles TimesConfirmed his intention to take HBO to court.

“The series made us all [the Lakers] It looks like a cartoon character, “West told the Times. “They despised something good. If necessary, take this to the Supreme Court.”

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In his personal blog this week, Abdul Jabber described West’s portrayal as follows: He never broke a golf club and never threw a trophy through the window. Sure, these actions create dramatic moments, but they mock the easy exploitation of humans, not the quest for personality. “

Abdul Jabbar’s letter concludes with: “Jerry West was an integral part of the Lakers and NBA’s success. It’s a tragedy that HBO deliberately insulted him in the pursuit of shocking value and reputation. As a common act of goodwill, with HBO. The producer has a public apology to Jerry and at least needs to withdraw his unfounded and tragic portrayal. “

HBO has issued a statement in support of the show Hollywood Reporter..

“HBO has a long history of producing compelling content drawn from real facts and events that are partly fictitious for dramatic purposes,” the network said in a statement. “‘Winning Time’ is not a documentary and is not presented as such. However, the series and its depictions are based on extensive fact-finding and credible procurement, and HBO is this epic in basketball history. Standing firmly behind the talented creators and cast who brought the chapter adaptation to the screen. “

HBO fights back after Lakers legend Jerry West blames the “terrible cruel” portrayal of “Time of Victory”

Source link HBO fights back after Lakers legend Jerry West blames the “terrible cruel” portrayal of “Time of Victory”

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