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Hashtag Trends New US Privacy Law Gains Momentum, Amazon Care Shuts Down

The US government wants to make federally funded research open access, new privacy laws gain momentum, and Amazon shuts down telemedicine services.

Welcome to hashtag trending. Friday, August 26th, this is Tom Li, the host.

The US government has announced major changes regarding the accessibility of scientific research. The White House Office of Science and Technology said that starting in 2026, all federally funded scientific publications must be open access on their publication date. Ars Technica reported that the US government is probably the world’s largest research funder. For example, the US National Institutes of Health spends more than the rest of the top 20 organizations combined. The OSTP stipulated that providing equitable access to these papers would save lives and improve society at large, as demonstrated during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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US data and privacy laws are gaining momentum. If passed by the House and Senate, the boundaries of data collection will become tighter and data usage should be minimized as much as possible. Regulates all entities that collect, process, and transfer subject data, including nonprofits and telecommunications providers. However, it does not apply to government agencies and excludes public information such as anonymized data, employee data and social media accounts.

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Amazon is shutting down its telemedicine service, Amazon Care. The service will end after Dec. 31, as announced by the department head and reported by CNBC. Apparently, the company decided it wasn’t a long-term solution for enterprise customers. This does not mean that the company will exit the healthcare sector. We also invest aggressively in other areas, such as cancer research.

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A technology start-up has created a product that reduces the speaker’s English accent. As reported by Vice, a startup called Sanas applies accent transformations to a speaker’s original voice. After applying the filter, the voice sounds more robotic, but very different from the original. The target market is clearly call centers. According to the company’s founder, the solution has increased comprehension by 31% and increased customer satisfaction by 21%.

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Hashtag Trends New US Privacy Law Gains Momentum, Amazon Care Shuts Down

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