Hashtag Trend April 20 – Elon Musk’s Twitter Trouble. Amazon outsources a “racial fairness audit”.Tesla employees are sleeping in a factory in Shanghai

Elon Musk promised a $ 0 salary to Twitter’s board after the introduction of the “poison pill,” Amazon commissioned an audit of racial equity, and Tesla employees at the Shanghai plant had COVID-19 cases. Is sleeping in the building for.

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Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk criticized Twitter’s board of directors on Monday after the company adopted a “poison pill” to protect itself from the company’s second-largest shareholder’s $ 43 billion cash takeover offer. In response to a user post criticizing the board, Musk tweeted, “If my bid is successful, the board’s salary will be $ 0, saving $ 3 million a year on the spot.” Musk, who describes himself as an “absolutist of free speech,” did not elaborate on the tweet. In addition, in a series of tweet replies, former CEO Jack Dorsey called on Twitter’s board on Saturday, saying, “It was consistently a malfunction of the company.” Twitter’s share price rose about 4% this morning, but it’s still well below Mask’s $ 54.20 per share offer. Since the disclosure of shares in the first week of April, shares have increased by approximately 15%.

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Amazon has commissioned an independent “Racial Equity Audit” to investigate whether its business promotes discrimination against one million hourly workers. The company, the second-largest employer in the United States, said it would publish the findings, but did not provide a specific schedule. Business Insider reports that the move follows shareholder pressure to investigate how Amazon’s business practices can lead to racial inequality. Last year, the company faced numerous proceedings accusing Amazon managers and HR employees of discrimination based on race, ethnicity, and gender. At last year’s annual shareholders meeting, the New York State Common Retirement Fund submitted a proposal asking Amazon to consider what steps it has taken to address and fix these issues. According to Bloomberg, the resolution eventually failed, but with 44% shareholder support.

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Tesla employees at the company’s Shanghai plant reportedly moved to work after a three-week outage due to a recent COVID-19 case in China. Tesla will provide employees with sleeping bags and mattresses, and employees will be able to sleep on the floor while operating in a so-called “closed-loop” system, Bloomberg reported. Tesla is one of many manufacturers in Shanghai preparing to resume operations after a government-mandated blockade in March. However, multinationals are pressing the government to relax regulations so that production can resume. Electric car makers have sent employees a note detailing some of the conditions they are forced to live in. Above the bedding, there is a designated area on the floor for people to sleep, in addition to showering, catering and entertainment areas. Employees will be provided with three meals a day and an allowance of approximately $ 63, 400 yuan.

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And now for something different. The Verge reports that the FBI has an 83-page guide to Internet slang. The Internet Slang “Guide” is a compilation of a huge list of abbreviations, including some pretty ridiculous abbreviations. FBI guides are available through a request from the Information Disclosure Act of 2014. Note that it contains about 3000 different examples of slang.
Here are some of the weirdest examples.

  • DITYID: It means “Did you say you’re depressed?”
  • BTWITIAILWU: In other words, it means, “By the way, I think I’m in love with you.”
  • LUL: That means “unpleasant laughter”.

The strange list contains many more abbreviations that you probably haven’t actually used before.

Source: The Verge

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Hashtag Trend April 20 – Elon Musk’s Twitter Trouble. Amazon outsources a “racial fairness audit”.Tesla employees are sleeping in a factory in Shanghai

Source link Hashtag Trend April 20 – Elon Musk’s Twitter Trouble. Amazon outsources a “racial fairness audit”.Tesla employees are sleeping in a factory in Shanghai

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