Harry Styles and Florence Pugh are hopeless don’t worry darling shallow talk

When first announced darling don’t worry It seemed like the ideal project to take actor-turned-director Olivia Wilde’s career to the next level. There is no better way Book smart?

And now here I am, Wild led the way late show Do damage control after rumors and stories of behind-the-scenes drama follow the film like a mob of paparazzi.

No, Harry Styles didn’t spit on Chris Pine, she told host Stephen Colbert.

Yes, she had to replace Shia LaBeouf, who was originally cast as the lead role of Florence Pugh.

Wilde asked competing stories about why LaBeouf was replaced by pop star Harry Styles, and questions about why Pugh seemed to have stopped promoting the film and stepped away from directing on the Venice red carpet. Many stories were put on the spot at the International Film Festival.

But, as Wilde himself suggested to Colbert, there is hypocrisy at the heart of the focus on production. “I don’t think my male director colleague is answering questions about casting,” said Wilde.

There’s more than a touch of misogyny to the idea that Wilde’s set was particularly chaotic. It’s not uncommon for directors to change actors. But the question of what we’re looking at and the assumptions we readily believe are at the heart of her new film.

Director Olivia Wilde (left) appears in the film as Bunny, Jack and Alice’s friend and neighbor. I have a crawl. (Warner Bros. Entertainment)

don’t worry darling It opens in a 1950s cul-de-sac in the desert. In a perfectly synchronized suburban setting, all the wives make breakfast for their husbands and hit the driveway in high heels to kiss their men goodbye. They are Jack and Alice, a young married couple played by Stiles and Pugh.

And where do the men drive every day? .

While Styles dominated the headlines, don’t worry darling It’s definitely Pugh’s movie, with the singer-turned-actor on board. First we see her coasting day by day. cooking and cleaning. shopping and relaxing. Soon her picture-perfect existence begins to crack, while the empty egg strangely crumbles in her hands. I have a fault that has been dismissed as an accident. Alice, haunted by strange flashbacks, begins to suspect that there is something sinister at the heart of this American dream.

But you can’t blame Pugh, or “Miss Flow,” as Wilde once called her. increase. At best, Pugh has tenacity. This is the steely determination first glimpsed in the great 2016 movie. lady macbeth.

What she’s up against is a movie that speculates rather than really convinces us. Yes, we see young and beautiful people doing adult things with each other. There is none.

As a husband, Stiles is positively appropriate and fulfills his function. Like Big Brother meets Tony Robbins, he whispers Captain Kirk’s tenor to his squire on every TV and radio.

The control he speaks of is the freedom women sacrifice to fuel this fantasy, offering their husbands sex and food with a smile.

In an interview, Wilde actually suggests that Canadian author Jordan Peterson was the inspiration for Frank and his archaic worldview.

Once revealed, there is a truly disturbing idea at its core. don’t worry darlingbut neither Wilde nor her writers are interested in wrestling with its meaning.

Rather than face it seriously don’t worry darling Missed opportunities to make this 1950s thriller more pressing are dancing around the edge. Instead, logic is sacrificed for superficial thrills and spills as scales fall from Alice’s eyes.

A woman standing in a narrow space with a cramped face.
The plot is predictable, but Pugh is compelling as a housewife who begins to distrust her idyllic surroundings. (Warner Bros. Entertainment)

Harry Styles and Florence Pugh are hopeless don’t worry darling shallow talk

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