Halle Berry yells at her boyfriend Van Hunt as he writes the “best article” about her

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Van Hunt couldn’t be proud of his other half Halle Berry.

Berry shared a link to an article Hunt wrote about her and marked the release of her latest movie, Bruised, on Netflix.

Hunt wrote in a long article entitled “Feet to the Fire: An Article Someone Wants to Write About Halle Berry” about the re-spinning of her website: She knows that magic is being made, and she wasn’t made to wait for it to happen. It can be interpreted as “dominating,” but a more obvious explanation is that this man’s world is not expected to survive, but must be ensured for this woman. It means that they are strongly aware of it. “

“No one discusses this tenacity when explaining her,” he continued. “They talk about beauty and their favorite movies, but never about the heart. It’s almost impossible to look inside Halle without noticing her heart. And the principle of banging it.”

Hunt said: It works with life at the edge of instinct, and at the tip of her tongue. She interacts with her body, makes sounds, pursues mysteries, and creates time and space for her journey. And most of us travel without fear of putting our feet in our mouths. In fact, that is the beginning of her story.

“Have you ever thought about acting? I have. Well, at least I thought I had. Then I met Halle, and I got an ink about what acting is. I realized I never had a ring. I felt the result and waved through the surreal fog, but I didn’t know.

“Acting is about making magic, and all sorcerers understand that making magic is not magic. Instead, it’s a preparation for years and holds it. You’ll be guided to the audience in just a few seconds to fold and fold. Acting is finding the truth about what makes a person behave like you. For example, what makes them lie to us. What makes them lie to themselves? Why they want to lie. Acting forgets to pretend, not pretend. Everyone owns the truth. No. The truth is not available like fire, and every battle with it is electrical. “

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The musician became open about his encounter with Berry, claiming that he “almost” knew nothing about her latest movie, except that everyone else on social media knew. It’s a fighting movie called “Injured,” and she was injured in making it. “

Hunt said, “She and I set about the work of our lovers, sniffing out what they had in common and two hound-like danger signals, and immersing themselves in the first conversation. I was finally” hurt. ” Has come to know that it is the result of mixed martial arts, or fixation with MMA. Earlier movies required judo training. Understanding the form of the field and the general martial arts culture proved to be a fascinating task. “

For an overview of flicks, see “Jackie Justice. [Berry], [is] A shameful MMA fighter who failed in one thing she was good at-fighting. When his son, 6-year-old Manny, who went out many years ago, returns to the front door, Jackie must conquer his demon. “

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Hunt describes the character of Berry as follows: “Jackie Justice is Halle’s victory, but it is also my mother who has won my fears as a child.

“‘Hurt’ showed me how ignorant I was to my mother’s power. She overtakes our home to implicit evil without having to bend my up-and-coming muscles once. I was made to bloom. “

Hunt ended up calling it “hurt”, “a triple feat that must be the rarest of Troikas.”

Halle Berry yells at her boyfriend Van Hunt as he writes the “best article” about her

Source link Halle Berry yells at her boyfriend Van Hunt as he writes the “best article” about her

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