Greenpeace is targeting RBC to finance fossil fuels

On Tuesday, two Greenpeace activists were pulled above the entrance to the Royal Bank of Canada’s Bay Street headquarters. This is part of an ongoing campaign calling on Canadian banks to withdraw from fossil fuel projects and respect the rights of indigenous peoples.

Climate change activists targeted the site for the second time in just over a month after blocking traffic most of the day on a coordinated global action day in late October.

“Unfortunately, climate disasters are now knocking on our doors, or knocking them down may be a more accurate statement, and people’s lives are confused,” said the 28-year-old. Greenpeace spokesman and activist Juan Ortiz said a flyer during the event.

Ortiz said the recent floods, fires and heat waves in British Columbia should be a wake-up call to more people and banks in funding fossil fuel projects that contribute to global heating. He said the momentum is gaining momentum in campaigns to raise awareness of the role that will play. ..

“This isn’t the future anymore. It’s happening now and it’s happening at home,” they said. “It is impossible to ignore.”

According to Greenpeace, Canada’s top five banks (RBC, Toronto Dominion, Bank of Montreal, Nova Scotiabank, Canadian Imperial Bank) are among the top 25 global fossil fuel backers and have more than $ 800 billion in funding since Paris. Is provided. The agreement was signed in 2015.

Activists fail to deliver pieces of burnt wood destroyed by a fire this summer from their home in Lytton, British Columbia, to the desks of bank executives, including RBC CEO Dave McKay. Did.

“There are a lot of things at stake, and we want them to see the real impact of their decisions on humans,” Ortiz said.

In a broader sense, Greenpeace is calling for the immediate termination of funding for new fossil fuel projects by Canadian banks, ensuring the free and informed consent of indigenous communities to the projects they fund. I am.

Greenpeace is targeting RBC to finance fossil fuels

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