Green Bay Police apologize to Dillon, Disciplinary Officer

GREEN BAY, Wisconsin (AP) — The Packers running back AJ Dillon received an apology from the Green Bay Police Chief for the way officers treated him during an exhibition soccer game at Lambeau Field.

Chris Davis apologized on Friday, saying police had completed an internal investigation into the July 23 incident and had directed “appropriate corrective action” to the officers involved.

Videos posted on SNS showed Dillon in the end zone greeting fans in the stands during a football match between FC Bayern Munich and Manchester City FC. When video showed a policeman grabbing Dillon by the back of his collar and shoving him, Dillon appeared to be about to do a Rambo leap and leap into the crowd.

After fans booed and Dillon appeared to make an explanation, officers allowed Dillon to jump into the stands.

Davis said in a statement He said he “supported two allegations of GBPD policy violations by the officers involved and directed them to take appropriate corrective action.” It said it did not provide additional details about the personnel matter.

His statement did not name the officers involved.

“I apologize for the way I treated Mr. Dillon,” Davis said. “We appreciate our strong relationship with the Packers organization and GBPD remains committed to working with the Packers, along with the entire Green Bay community, to provide the best and most professional police services possible. ”

The Packers released a statement thanking police for their follow-up on the matter.

The Packers said, “We respect their process of reviewing the situation and its conclusions. We value our partnership with the Bureau and will continue to work to ensure public safety at Lambeau Field events, including game days.” I appreciate all that we do with the Packers.

“Furthermore, I would like to thank AJ Dillon for his professionalism in handling this matter.”

When the video went viral on social media, Dillon tweeted a statement explaining the incident and describing it as “just a misunderstanding between the parties.”

“@GBPolice are great people and we are happy to have them in the game to keep us safe.” Dillon tweeted At the time, he said, “When you’re standing in the pouring rain with a lot of people, you don’t know what’s going on by yourself. Everything’s good.

Green Bay Police apologize to Dillon, Disciplinary Officer

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