Goldstein: Wilkinson’s Climate Change Mathematics Doesn’t Add

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Consider today that Environment Minister Jonathan Wilkinson of Baffle Gab has recently spewed out a liberal record of climate change and conservative records.


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It’s a good time to do so, as the 12-day large-scale United Nations Climate Change Conference in Glasgow, Scotland, will begin on November 1st, with Prime Ministers Justin Trudeau and Prime Minister Wilkinson discussing the issue endlessly.

In a recent interview with Mercedes Stephenson on Global News Westblock, Wilkinson said that Stephen Harper and the Conservatives had “zeroed the climate” for the decade leading up to the liberal defeat, reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Praised the Trudeau government’s record of. In 2015.

In contrast, according to Wilkinson, the Liberal Party has cut Canada’s emissions to “less than 1% of 2005.”

Except that Harper and the Conservatives were not in power in 2005.

That was the case with Paul Martin and the liberals.


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Canada’s emissions in 2005, which were in power before the Liberal Party was defeated by conservatives on January 23, 2006, were 739 million tonnes.

Emissions in 2019, the latest figures available to the Trudeau government, were 730 million tonnes.

Therefore, Wilkinson should have said that Canada’s emissions in 2019 under Trudeau liberals were down 1% from Martin liberals in 2005.

When the Harper Conservatives came to power in early 2006, they inherited Martin / Liberal’s 2005 record of 739 million tonnes of emissions.


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When defeated by the Trudeau Liberal Party in late 2015, Canada’s emissions were 723 million tonnes.

Therefore, the Harper conservative record was to reduce emissions inherited from Martin Liberal from 739 tonnes to 723 tonnes, or 2.2% to 16 million tonnes.

Given that Canada’s emissions (latest available figures) under the Trudeau government in 2019 were 730 megatons, the Trudeau Liberal Party raised Canada’s emissions from 723 to 730, or nearly 1% to 700. Increased by 10,000 tons. Power in 2015.

Therefore, in the real world, emissions declined during the Harper era and increased during Trudeau’s first term.

But the bigger and more important issue is that the Government of Canada, whether conservative or liberal, has never met the single greenhouse gas emission reduction target set for 33 years.


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Not Brian Mulroney Progressive Conservative Party, Jean Chrétien Liberal Party, Martin Liberal Party, Harper Conservative Party, Trudeau Liberal Party.

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The dramatic decline in Canada’s emissions in modern times is not due to government policy, but only due to the global recession of reduced demand for fossil fuel energy.

These include the 2008-09 global recession that began with the subprime mortgage derivative scandal in the United States, which was taken over by the Harper Conservative Party, and the COVID-19 pandemic, which was taken over by the Liberal Party of Tordeaux in 2020. Includes recession.

This means that when the Trudeau government announces emissions for 2020 in 2022 (which is also always reported two years after the fact), emissions will be reduced compared to 2019.

However, emissions have already increased as the pandemic recession began to fade, as emissions increased following the 2008-09 recession.

Wilkinson can be said that Trudeau was the first Canadian Prime Minister to impose a carbon tax / price on Canadians and commit more than $ 100 billion in their money to combat climate change.

But in the first term of 2015-19 under Trudeau, the reality is that Canada’s emissions have increased whatever Baffle Gab Wilkinson is currently erupting.



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Goldstein: Wilkinson’s Climate Change Mathematics Doesn’t Add

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