GoFundMe Cancels $ 10 Million Truck Convoy

GoFundMe, a California-based crowdfunding platform where people can raise money, has announced that it will not release the $ 10 million raised by backers of Trackers Convoy, also known as Freedom Convoy.

The convoy organizers said they wanted these funds to allow them to continue protesting for a long time.

The money was to be spent on food, lodging and gas.

GoFundMe said the decision was made because it believes the convoy is contributing to hatred and violence. The company said it would automatically refund all donations.

After reviewing relevant facts and discussing it with local law enforcement and city authorities many times, this fundraiser violated the Terms of Service (Article 8 prohibiting the promotion of violence and harassment) and was removed from the platform. I did.

Gofundme statement

GoFundme initially released $ 1 million to the convoy, but under pressure it decided to cancel the release of another $ 10 million.

Tired of Gofundme, Convoy asked his supporters to donate through social media and GiveSendGo.

Mayor of Ottawa Jim Watson asked other crowdfunding sources to stop donating

Ottawa officials pointed out several protesters wielding the South Army flag, with a swastika on another. Branding these flags is frowned upon, but neither is illegal in Canada.

Elon Musk was furious at Gofundme for withholding $ 10 million from the convoy’s anti-vaccine rally. He also called GoFundMe a “professional thief.”

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis said what GoFundMe did was unacceptable and would work with the state Attorney General to investigate the company.

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GoFundMe Cancels $ 10 Million Truck Convoy

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