Gallagher’s President of Ontario on Raising Rank in the Insurance Industry

“Following June 1990, I traveled between New York, London, Calgary and Toronto for 10 years and by 1999 switched to the client side of the business,” he said. “At that time, as a risk manager for Canada’s largest retirement and nursing home company, I learned a very different aspect of insurance.”

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Selman experienced the internal pressures faced directly by risk managers and was a key figure in multi-million dollar class proceedings.

“I worked on a large-scale business suspension allegation against a retirement facility that was burnt down during construction, carried out an RFP, and was filed in court by many brokers, especially when returning to the broker rank in 2005. , I believe in these experiences that helped me better understand my clients and better serve their needs, “he explained.

Starting with Gallagher in the midst of a pandemic is a challenge that Sirman is willing to take on, and for the past two years he has successfully dealt with not only the COVID-19, but also the tough market.

“Gallager has survived the pandemic very well,” he emphasized. “The Canadian company has grown by 15%, which is one of the highest years ever.”

With the right management team, dedicated employees, and client-focused technology solutions, Gallagher has celebrated its most powerful year to date.

“One of the trends that has emerged from the pandemic is the switch from local services to the best services, no matter where the client is,” he said. “In the past, subject matter experts could only attend a meeting once a day if they needed to go back and forth with a remote client. Today, that same person is in Halifax, You can attend meetings in Montreal, Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver all in one day. “

“We cannot provide clients with solutions or options without the support of an insurer’s partner, so having a strong relationship with an insurer is important to the success of all brokers,” he said. .. “After all, this is still a human business.”

Clients, brokers, insurance companies, adjusters, lawyers, actuaries – all want to be treated fairly and respectfully, he added. How do you get them back? “

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There is also a talent struggle across the pandemic, and Selman has been enthusiastic as a leader in helping to implement the right strategies for growth.

“In the ongoing war for the talents we all face, we take a two-sided approach,” he said. “We have stepped up our recruitment games to attract the best and best talent to Gallagher, and we have also embarked on an ambitious“ Grower Own ”strategy to attract new talent to the industry. “

Gallagher’s President of Ontario on Raising Rank in the Insurance Industry

Source link Gallagher’s President of Ontario on Raising Rank in the Insurance Industry

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