Fujisawa Toyama Group publishes report on profits of electric vehicles, Canada Business Journal

Toronto, March 2, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Recently, the Fujisawa Toyama Group published a report on the profits of electric vehicles... Analysts at the Fujisawa Toyama Group emphasized that Russia, one of the world’s largest oil producers, continues to push prices up due to recent sanctions by Western nations. Tensions are still rising in Ukraine, and rising oil prices could threaten investors with a potential future energy crisis. Analysts at the Fujisawa Toyama Group have pointed out that the number of electric vehicle (EV) manufacturers is increasing as prices continue to rise.

Since Monday, Tesla Inc.’s share price has risen by more than 7% on NASDAQ. Market analysts believe there is a direct correlation between soaring oil prices and rising value for EV companies.

“Oil prices play a big role and can impact new car buyers. Instead of paying the increased annual fuel costs, buyers seem to be attracted to switching to electric cars,” says Fujisawa. Anthony Stone, Director of Global Securities for the Toyama Group, said.

New sales market data suggests that the price to fill Tesla will cost about $ 10. Gasoline cars, on the other hand, cost up to five times as much, forcing a more attractive switch to electric cars.

“With rising oil prices, rising tensions in Europe, and continued adoption of environmental, solid and governance (ESG) laws, we see the perfect environment for EV companies whose market value continues to skyrocket,” said Thomas.・ Carter added. Stock trading of Fujisawa Toyama Group.

Automakers understand that the most important factor is to adopt cheaper and more reliable batteries. Over the next few years, they aim to cut battery costs in half. This means $ 3000- $ 4000 from the purchase price of the new EV.

It’s a source of thought for people like Tesla and Apple Inc., which is reportedly making the long-awaited electric car, and will be available in 2024. Adoption of EV. Long-term EV adoption depends on whether EVs are superior to traditional vehicles in terms of cost, quality, and driving indicators.

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Fujisawa Toyama Group publishes report on profits of electric vehicles, Canada Business Journal

Source link Fujisawa Toyama Group publishes report on profits of electric vehicles, Canada Business Journal

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