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From Ferocious to Friendly

As cat numbers continue to explode in the Okanagan, the Okanagan Humane Society (OHS) is working at a rapid pace to ensure every kitten has a new beginning.

Baby Yoda is one of those kittens. Leethead, Kelowna She was born on the road with her brothers and sisters in a wild colony off the road. He was caught when he was only 5 weeks old. This little kitty was ferocious, hissing and spitting, but it didn’t last long and was rumbling and rumbling the next day.

OHS recognizes the age required to save these little kittens.A time when human intervention can change from ferocious to friendly. These beautiful kittens will make great furry friends for your family one day, given the chance.

These stray colonies may have started with a single loose domestic cat abandoned by its owner. Cats are resourceful, do their best to survive, and seek out other cats. Breeding begins with a cycle of feral cats and a difficult life on the streets, often ending in tragedy.

OHS is committed to being part of the solution to pet overcrowding in the Okanagan, deploying resources in the community and working with people like you and me and their generous veterinary partners to keep cats safe. It is one of the few organizations that secures cats and kittens. Captured, immobilized and find a new loving home.

Cat overcrowding extends throughout the Okanagan Valley, from urban Kelowna to vast farmlands and farmlands to the expanded North and South Okanagan.

Many farms and vineyards employ cats and rats to work for their property, but unfortunately many are not fixed, so the cycle continues…

The Okanagan Humanitarian Society repeats the same message as Bob Barker. OHS also offers a low-income sterilization/neuter program for those who may be facing financial barriers and need assistance with this service.

For more information on the programs and services offered by OHS, please visit

OHS is volunteer-run and relies on community support to save the lives and end suffering of local animals. Donate today to help OHS continue this important work for the local animals in need. Follow us on or Facebook.

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From Fierce to Friendly – Vernon Morning Star

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