Fresche Solutions acquires TrinityGuard to provide state-of-the-art IBM i security, compliance and intrusion detection, Canadian Business Journal

Montreal, March 9, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Fresh solution We are pleased to announce the acquisition of Trinity GuardA leader in world-class security, auditing, and detection software and services, it provides key capabilities to detect and protect against growing cybercrime.

From ransomware to malware, data theft and phishing attempts, cybercrime is called one of the biggest threats organizations face today, with an estimated average cost of ransomware breaches of $ 4.62 million. increase.

Many organizations running business-critical applications on the IBM i platform are aware that the system cannot be compromised, which creates a false sense of security. Although IBM i has historically been considered a secure platform, many of the vulnerabilities are rooted in configuration and role-based access and authentication. In addition, the risk of cyber threats increases dramatically as more companies adopt cloud, open source, and web technologies.

“Everyone is at risk of being hacked, no matter where the data is,” said Tony Perera, CEO of Trinity Guard. “Anyone can use a large and expensive firewall, but if they don’t protect the data on IBM i, security is at stake. Working with Fresche, more companies around the world Helps protect the reputation of mission-critical applications, operations, and businesses. “

Based in Houston, TrinityGuard is founded by decades of IBM i and security executives and occupies a unique niche within the IBM i landscape. The company’s suite of tools is built to address today’s complex security and compliance challenges such as database security, exit point security, auditing, and encryption. The suite includes content mapping that guarantees regulatory accuracy and cybersecurity compliance, such as PCI DSS and GDPR. Designed for ease of use, this software offers real-time alerts and a modern, intuitive dash that provides an easier way to manage your entire system and respond to threats before they occur. Comes with a board.

The Trinity Guard suite also has the unique ability to provide well-analyzed security and system event information to all major system integration event management (SIEM) solutions. This makes it easy to escalate important security activities in real time. Organizations with large amounts of data often do not detect intrusions without analytics and event escalation capabilities. This is the main cause of many recent data breaches.

The software is available as a bundle or as a separate module. A flexible licensing and subscription model makes it easier for organizations to access when they need to double their security.

“We are pleased to welcome Trinity Guard to the Fresche family,” said Stephen Woodard, CEO of Fresche Solutions. “TrinityGuard is one of the only companies with significant investment and aggressive development in our products, which will enable our customers to address not only today’s security issues, but tomorrow as well. It is by far the most advanced security and compliance feature on the market and is a great value added to Fresche customers. Together, it is an application that addresses the top three challenges facing IBM i organizations today. We are now able to provide customers and markets with modernization, infrastructure, security software, and services. “

The American Pacific Group (APG), a private equity firm that supports Fresche, commented: Trinity Guard, including Abacus Solutions, will be the second acquisition in five months, further strengthening its vision and growth goals for the market. Fraser Preston, Managing Partner of APG, said:

Trinity Guard will become a division of Fresche and will continue to operate and operate under its current name. Fresche will continue to be a global company with offices in the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia and India, and will have TrinityGuard offices in Houston, Texas.

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About Fresche Solutions
From applications to infrastructure, Fresche delivers digital experiences and solves your complex business problems with innovative IT solutions. Companies around the world deliver value in several key areas, including custom application development, modernization of highly valuable legacy software assets, managed services, the cloud, infrastructure, and professional staffing solutions. Depends on us for.

The depth and breadth of automated tools, products, and services for IBM i, Windows, Linux, and other platforms helps organizations reach new heights and survive and succeed in today’s ever-changing market. Helps to achieve digital orientation.

About Trinity Guard
Trinity Guard has revolutionized the IBM i security space with the introduction of next-generation security audits, launched in 2013. Today, Trinity Guard continues to lead innovation. TrinityGuard’s IBM i Security Suite, Linux Security Auditing, and Centralized Security Management products provide customers around the world with highly integrated auditing, intrusion detection, and enhanced security solutions. Trinity Guard’s global team of cybersecurity engineers is dedicated to providing simple, practical and effective world-class software to protect our clients in the fight against cybercrime.

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Fresche Solutions acquires TrinityGuard to provide state-of-the-art IBM i security, compliance and intrusion detection, Canadian Business Journal

Source link Fresche Solutions acquires TrinityGuard to provide state-of-the-art IBM i security, compliance and intrusion detection, Canadian Business Journal

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