Frank Langella speaks after being fired from the Netflix series over “unacceptable behavior”

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Frank Langella believes his firing was unjustified.

In the guest column of deadlineThe 84-year-old actor responded to allegations of “unacceptable behavior” that led to his termination from the next Netflix series “The Collapse of Usher’s House.”

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Langera was fired from the show after an investigation citing the set’s actress sexual harassment.

“Cancelled. Just like that,” the actor started his column. “In the heightened madness that is now prevalent in our industry, I couldn’t imagine the word. Collateral damage Will fall on my shoulder. “

He continued. “On April 14, this year, I was fired for determining that Netflix was an unacceptable act on the set. My first instinct was to blame. Defeat and seek revenge. I We interviewed a crisis manager, a tough, connected lawyer, and a professionally sympathetic lawyer for $ 800 an hour. “

As Langera explained, the central event of the story took place on March 25th.

“I was playing a love scene where the actress was playing a young wife. We were both completely dressed,” he wrote. “I was sitting on the couch. She was standing in front of me. The director called it” cut. ” “He touched my foot,” said the actress. “It wasn’t blocked.” Then she turned around and left the set, followed by the director and her intimate coordinator. I tried to follow but was asked to “give her some space”. After I waited about an hour, she was told she wouldn’t return to the set and we were wrapped up. “

The actor continued. “About a week later, Human Resources Development asked me to talk to me over the phone.” Before the love scene begins on March 25, “the questioner said. It caught our attention that you said, “This is ridiculous!” And I still think so. It was a camera love scene. In my opinion, legislating hand placement is ridiculous. It undermines instinct and spontaneity. “

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Langera also made other claims to him: “He made a joke in different colors”, “Sometimes he called me” baby “or” honey “,” he gave me a hug. Or it will touch my shoulder. “

The actor is writing about the shooting itself. “I haven’t been interviewed on Netflix. My request to meet the actress one-on-one was rejected. The director and producer stopped answering my emails and phone calls. From my firing. Within 30 minutes, a letter was sent to the cast and crew, and a complete press release was immediately sent. My representative and I were not given the opportunity to comment or collaborate on the story. bottom.”

“I can’t talk about whistleblowers or Netflix’s intentions, but the impact on me is immeasurable. I’ve lost the thrilling part, future income opportunities, and probably face a series of unemployment. Netflix , 3 weeks to shoot, fired me after 3 months of work, and I haven’t received a full reward for my service yet. Most importantly, my reputation. Is being compromised. “

Finally, Langera said, “These indignations are, in my opinion, the true definition of unacceptable behavior.”

Frank Langella speaks after being fired from the Netflix series over “unacceptable behavior”

Source link Frank Langella speaks after being fired from the Netflix series over “unacceptable behavior”

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