Frames retools are underway as Wieger and Uberdeau open up the future in Calgary

Calgary – They talked about cowboys, mountains, stampede, and victory.

But everyone wants to know if Jonathan Uberdeau and Mackenzie Wieger are ready to talk about extensions.

“I’m open,” Huberdeau said within 72 hours after the dreamlike presence in Florida was overturned in a blockbuster deal to Calgary.

“We haven’t really talked about it. But I accept a long stay in Calgary. I’ve only been there for 48 hours so I don’t have to go to Calgary to see everything, I’m accepting it and letting GM and the agent do it. They’ve already started talking about it. We’ll see what happens. Sure, I’m open. “

And you, Mr. Wieger?

“It’s the same here,” said one of the league’s most underrated top pair of blue liners. There is no reason not to be open about it. I’m looking forward to the agent talking to Brad and seeing what’s going on. I’m very open to it. “

Sure, the story is cheap.

Putting their (long-term) money in their mouth is Brad Treliving as the hockey world wins the first round protected by the lottery of two stars, Cole Schwinn and Matthew Kachuck. Ultimately determine the true winner of the transaction that praises.

Both player agents have had preliminary discussions with Treliving, but it’s silly to expect everyone to commit to something without sampling cities, organizations, and winter.

After all, both can write their tickets to their favorite places, La Cachuck and Johnny Godrow, starting this season.

They are coveted for that.

The difference here is that both were born in Canada and are conspiring to new destinations, even though they are still upset by undesired trade.

“I never expected to play in Canada,” said Huberdeau, 29, from Quebec, who was overwhelmed by the reaction of online fans.

“Obviously, this club and watching games have a lot of history … I watched the playoffs a little more this year and saw the atmosphere of the building. Passionate fans and community. It’s good to see warm hospitality. Everyone is excited. They lost the two best players on the team and it was hard for the fans and the community. Now they can rejuvenate everyone and bring it to Flames and the fans. Is great. For me, I’m excited to step on the ice and play in front of the fans. “

Wieger agreed.

“It’s very cool to me and I’m playing in the Canadian market,” said a 28-year-old from the Ottawa region who played junior in Halifax.

“I never expected to play in the Canadian market. This would be very exciting for me and my family. Calgary has a lot of history. I hope they grow. Now I’m watching, obviously a lot and I’m always watching them on (TV). The fans here are very passionate. They’re noisy. Johnny and I come to Calgary and play against the flames When I did, it was crazy. I watched the playoffs, the red sea, etc. It feels really cool because it’s now part of it. It’s very unrealistic to me. Obviously Johnny and I are Canadian kids. I’m happy to be able to soften the city a bit. “

After two weeks of hell for the fans and their team, they certainly eased the blow.

Their arrival allowed the team to rebuild, not rebuild.

for now.

If neither is keen on extending your stay, that’s another story.

Money is probably not a factor — the flames are ready to have enough cap space to sign both players next summer. So what influences the signing decision and prevents debate about whether it is necessary to trade on the deadline?

“Telling a fictional story and checking a few checkboxes,” We are the winning team? What about the city? What about your teammates? What about my coach? “Wieger said. “I think these have a lot of boxes to check to sign a long-term contract with the team. I accept it. I’ve heard great things about everything I just said. There Get off and experience for yourself, Blood [Treliving] And my agent just talks, the negotiations talk and see if it works for both sides. They are some. “

No, neither had seen the deal close, but Zoom’s initial availability was on track.

Uberdeau was adored by the Calgarian people for reporting that he had joined Stampede a few years ago.

“Who isn’t having a good time with stampede?” Huberdeau laughed, citing Jacob Markstrom as the only flame he had ever played.

“You can see the atmosphere of the city. It’s super cool. When I went there, I dressed as a cowboy. It was a cool experience.

“We know that fans are passionate. When you play there, it’s always noisy and people know them. It’s the most exciting way to get to know the city. I think it’s part. We’ll probably go there in the summer to see what’s happening and where we live. For me, I’m excited. It’s a new chapter. And I’m excited to meet everyone for the first time. “

After years of playing to the left of Selke Trophy winner Alexander Balkov, he should be a perfect match for Selke finalist Eliaslindholm, a 40-goal scorer.

“I hope he can score 50 points with me,” smiled the 115-point playmaker, who just broke the left-wing NHL record with 85 assists last season. Set up everyone and try to make the people around me better. He’s the guy who goes to the right place, and obviously I think he can get the pack. That would be perfect.

“But I don’t really think about who to play with. I’m Darryl (satter). That’s his job. I’m going there and playing with people he wants me to play with. . “

Weeger will almost certainly play on the left side with Rasmus Anderson, but his ability to play on either side offers a satter option with the defensive group, which was already one of the league’s best last season. ..

“I think the team looks really good,” said Wieger, a former club who won the President’s Trophy last year.

“It was a clearly moving week with ups and downs and the loss of two great players, but Huby and I got in and got a little more excited around the city. It wasn’t a rebuild. I think. When you bring Johnny and me, we’re here to win. I think Brad knows that. He wants to win now and the team wins now. I really have a chance to win the Stanley Cup. Johnny and I are ready to start winning with this team. “

Frames retools are underway as Wieger and Uberdeau open up the future in Calgary

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