Forty years later, the “Wedding of the Century” revisits the wedding of Princess Diana and Prince Charles-nationwide

It has been 40 years since Mrs. Diana Spencer (later known as her beloved Princess Diana) and Prince Charles married on July 29, 1981 at St. Paul’s Cathedral in London, England.

Undoubtedly, its glitz, pageantry, and all its complete luxury did not match, even when the pair’s sons, Prince William and Prince Harry, continued to marry a typical royal fanfare. did. People from all over the world lined up on the street and saw the latter two ceremonies. It’s indisputable, but it has never reached the luxury level of Diana and Charles. Get married.

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Now, to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Grand Event, the streaming service BritBox has created a documentary called Century weddingInvestigate everything related to the marriage of Charles and Diana. Featuring beautifully restored high-resolution footage and exclusive interviews with people who worked behind the scenes, you’ll see the entire 4K version of the digitally remastered wedding.

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With a resurgence of interest in royal couples — partly thanks to the Netflix series crown, Spent that last season analyzing the turmoil of pair romance, or its lack — the documentary must have ignited further. (Interestingly, this series does not feature the wedding’s own recreation, only rehearsals.)

Much of the information revealed in the documentary is relatively “known” at the moment, but in contrast to seeing an actor, seeing the actual footage is definitely a different experience. Of course, the restored footage is even more devastating, knowing what we know now.

Here are some outstanding details Century wedding..

Diana’s discomfort is even more visible

Diana, and even Charles, looks incredibly uncomfortable. Diana’s face is mostly tomato-colored, but both are blushing due to a public engagement announcement. Her gaze has been down all the time, and Charles seems to be far away and not obsessed. They look (and were) generations apart and are awkward walking to each other. Armed with their knowledge of courtship difficulties, it’s not surprising, but still unpleasant. Charles’ jealousy for Diana’s simple fame is clearly demonstrated.

Princess Diana and Prince Charles wave to the crowd at the wedding.


It’s like witnessing the birth of paparazzi

For decades, the paparazzi and the royal family have been hand in hand. That wasn’t always the case. The moment Mrs. Diana Spencer became a member of the royal family, the camera began to chase her. Century wedding, You can see the beginning of a toxic relationship. Diana’s first public outing as Charles’ fiance is an event at Goldsmith Hall. There is literally a camera frenzy, and her status rises almost instantly.

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It was another kind of royal wedding

In the past, most royal weddings, like the post-war weddings of Elizabeth and Philip, were a way to stir up patriotism and fuel a love for monarchy. (The documentary also has great footage of those weddings.) This wedding certainly stimulated interest in the monarchy, but most of the people who saw it on TV along the street were most interested in Diana. Was there. It’s a journey to see people falling with just a glimpse.

Princess Diana and Prince Charles wave to the crowd after the wedding.


The amount of detail is amazing

Princess Diana appears in her wedding dress before the ceremony.


Well, it’s not so surprising that the royal wedding had all the bells and whistles, but the magnitude of luxury and peculiarity is enough to spin your head. Wedding cake details, choir details, flower details — it took a real army behind the scenes to put it all together.

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Although their union eventually collapsed, the wedding of Prince Charles and Diana is one of the hottest and most debated events in modern history. Century wedding Go back there and remember again or experience for the first time.

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“The Wedding of the Century” will be available in BritBox across Canada on July 29th, the 40th anniversary of the wedding.

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Forty years later, the “Wedding of the Century” revisits the wedding of Princess Diana and Prince Charles-nationwide

Source link Forty years later, the “Wedding of the Century” revisits the wedding of Princess Diana and Prince Charles-nationwide

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