Former Minister Casey Madu pledges allegiance to UCP frontrunner

It should be handed over to Casey Madu, Edmonton’s only United Conservative Party (UCP) MLA and, at least for a while, Alberta’s Minister of Labor.

Call it whatever you like, Brass, Cheek, Goal, or chatzpahhe has no shortage of things!

On Tuesday, Madu stunned Alberta when he loudly announced his endorsement of UCP leadership candidate Daniel Smith on social media. his twitter statement “Thank you to all the citizens, the Liberty Fleet, who had the courage to mobilize against these tyrannical policies.”

“They endured so much hate, swearing, suffering and slander for all of us,” he continued. “Thanks to them!”

Madu apparently had the Trudeau government’s ArriveCAN smartphone app in mind, but the “tyrannical” policies he referred to also included half-hearted public health measures implemented by Jason Kenny’s cabinet. was

They were regularly denounced by Q-adjacent Mr. Smith, who replaced Kenny when the party’s poll results were announced on October 6 and was the frontrunner to lead the UCP.

As for the “freedom fleet” that Madhu referred to, it included the US border blockade at Coutts in January and February 2022 when he was in command of Alberta. Minister of JusticeAs a result, several participants were charged with conspiring to kill an RCMP officer.

it certainly doesn’t look good previous The UCP Justice Minister thanked such characters for their war against the policies he himself recently endorsed in his Cabinet, public!

But that was then and this is now. Anyway, no irony here in Wild Rose Country.

I get the impression that Madhu is not at all embarrassed by this apparent contradiction. The same year he appeared in February when he asked the Edmonton Police Chief a year earlier about a ticket he received for distracted driving in a school zone.

But that was too much for Kenny. Kenny immediately shuffled him into his current portfolio.

Most parliamentarians would have dismissed Madhu on the spot.

Instead, Kenny had Tyler Shandro trade jobs in exchange for playing the Congressional Music Chair.

This is quite a headache, even by UCP standards.

Amid the violent reaction Madhu’s tweet generated on social media, opinions were divided among those who believed he was trying desperately to keep his job in the cabinet when Mr Smith took office as prime minister. seems to have split. Tourmond Alberta politicians believe they will do so only to build a good relationship with a government that has a chance of surviving a seat in southwest Edmonton by the NDP in the next general election.

Of course, it is quite possible that both are true.

Madhu is definitely not the only former Kenny follower looking to read up on Smith’s excellent book now.

Calgary Sun Political columnist Rick Bell, who has talent on par with the Conservative leader most likely to take power, said Tuesday about these MLA’s “pathetic” pleas to win Mr Smith’s support. Stated.

“You know me,” Bell quoted what they told him. But I didn’t agree with him..not only seemed tell the truth, i didn’t even like him..he didn’t’s not my fault. ‘ Then… ‘I know Daniel Smith, can you give me a nice word?’

“I’ve seen rats with more personality on sinking ships,” Bell summarizes.

That sounds about right. That is why, despite the valiant predictions of Kenny supporters so far, Smith will have no trouble getting her UCP caucus to pass her anti-Canadian “sovereignty laws.”

Of course, this assumes that the Smith-led government can win state elections against opposition leader and former Prime Minister Rachel Notley’s well-funded and disciplined New Democrats.

On Tuesday afternoon, Smith was, understandably, promoting her own rather questionable poll. Naturally suggests Her UCP was able to defeat Notley’s NDP in the general election.

At this point, we don’t know what questions were asked, how the respondents were selected, or the methodology used by the Conservative Party activists who conducted the survey, so we don’t know yet.

Former Minister Casey Madu pledges allegiance to UCP frontrunner

Source link Former Minister Casey Madu pledges allegiance to UCP frontrunner

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