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VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Canada, December 1, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — First Tellurium Corp. (CSE: FTELOTC FSTTFMore) (the “Company” or “First Tellurium”), at both the Deer Horn Project and the Klondike Tellurium Project in West Central British Columbia, through government initiatives for the development of critical and green metals, to increase the value of the Company’s tellurium resources. reported continued strengthening. Colorado.

The Canadian and U.S. governments are pushing new strategies and funding initiatives to address critical mineral supply challenges,” said Tyrone Docherty, President and CEO of First Tellurium. “North America is too dependent on foreign sources for critical metals needed for clean energy, defense and other essential needs.”

First Tellurium recently reported that a survey at Deer Horn in October (reported on 2 November) confirmed that the pre-existing silver-gold-tellurium vein system was extended by 1.1 km. Deer Horn hosts one of the only NI 43-101 compliant tellurium and high-grade precious metal resources in the world. Additionally, our Klondike Tellurium Project in Colorado is considered one of the top tellurium exploration projects in the country and was previously owned by First Solar Inc. as a potential source of raw tellurium for solar panels. rice field.

Docherty said the Cadmium Telluride Photovoltaic Accelerator Consortium, a $20 million initiative designed to make cadmium telluride (CdTe PV) solar cells cheaper and more efficient, will be launched in 2022 by the U.S. Department of Energy. I pointed out that it was launched in May. The program will also open up new markets for solar products. The program aims to increase the production of his CdTe PV materials and modules in the country by 2030, achieve cell efficiencies in excess of 26%, and reduce the cost of modules to less than $0.15/watt. increase.

“Governments are just beginning to understand the importance of tellurium,” said Docherty. “It has received little attention despite being essential for cadmium telluride solar panels and new lithium tellurium (Li-Te) batteries that could revolutionize energy storage.” Deer Horn’s Strategy A global partner, Fenix ​​Advanced Materials, is spearheading research and development of new all-solid-state Li-Te batteries in partnership with the University of British Columbia, Okanagan. UBCO’s investigation was recently featured in a global news segment.

“This partnership with UBCO has been instrumental in unveiling some exciting innovations in new battery technology and other clean technology solutions,” said Fenix ​​founder Don Freschi. says. Mr. Freschi is also a member of First Tellurium’s advisory board.

Docherty points to a November 13, 2022 CBC report that the U.S. Department of Defense is quietly soliciting applications for Canadian mining projects seeking U.S. public funding through major national security initiatives.

Mineral-based strategic and critical materials trade between the United States and Canada exceeds $76 billion, making Canada a global hub for mining project financing and including strategic and critical materials including risk financing to help junior mining companies explore and develop next-generation resources. project.

Canada has significant resource potential in existing operations and planned projects that could support U.S. needs for 20 additional strategic and critical materials, including cobalt, tantalum, antimony, and tellurium. .

This follows a White House report last year that warned that reliance on certain foreign-made products represented a national security risk for the United States, including semiconductors, batteries, pharmaceuticals and 53 minerals. is focused on

The report states: strategic and important metals, including tellurium”.

“North America clearly needs more tellurium,” said Docherty. “This is why we are looking for new tellurium projects in addition to Deer Horn and Klondike. Deer Horn is also looking at other important metals. The property was originally staked for a large zone of tungsten (as noted in our latest preliminary economic appraisal).

debtT.EL’s New website, presentations and videos
We are pleased to announce the launch of our new website. On this website you can find information about our company and properties. We also released a new animated pitch deck. You can see from here. This presentation provides an overview of our business and future opportunities. Finally, we also released a new instructional video. You can see from here. In this video, we’ll go into more detail about our properties and how they can help your first tellurium investor.

Abuout First tellurium company
First Tellurium’s unique business model is to generate revenue and value through cooperative access to undeveloped mineral areas of indigenous territories with mineral discovery, project development, project generation and sustainable exploration. .

Our polymetallic (tellurium, gold, silver, copper, tungsten) Deer Horn Project (British Columbia) and Klondike Tellurium-Gold (Colorado) properties work with indigenous peoples, NGOs, governments and major metal buyers. and supports a wide variety of metal searches. This is the future of mineral exploration. Generate revenue by exploring responsibly and leveraging diverse partnerships.

First Tellurium proudly adheres to and upholds the principles and rights set forth in the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, in particular the fundamental proposition of free and prior informed consent.

On behalf of the Board of Directors
First tellurium company

“Tyrone Docherty”
Tyrone Docherty
Representative Director and President

For more information, please contact:

Tyrone Docherty
[email protected]

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First Tellurium Report on Government Initiative to Secure Tellurium and Other Critical Materials, Canadian Business Journal

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