Federal government confirms that Bill C-21 is targeting airsoft

The Liberal Party’s Gun Bill section reclassifies replica gun law and outlaws airsoft guns

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The federal government is planning to outlaw Airsoft while gun crime continues to plague the Canadian city.

On Friday, the Justice Ministry Sun That section of the Commonwealth Liberal Party’s new gun law, Bill C-21, specifically covers the “Unregulated Airsoft” category, which is currently exempt from regulation or ban.

“Despite raising the same public security concerns, unregulated airguns that fire projectiles at speeds of about 366-500 fps and are exactly like traditional regulated guns are now available. It’s not banned, “said spokesman Ian McLeod.

“”The measures proposed by the government are Criminal law Prohibiting the import, export, or sale of medium-speed airsoft guns that are not currently regulated in Canada. “

He said airguns that didn’t look exactly like firearms wouldn’t be affected.

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Currently, airsoft guns fall into this “medium speed” category because they are required to have an initial velocity of 366 to 500 feet per second.

Airguns that fire projectiles faster than 500 feet per second must be registered as guns.

“That confirms our worst fear,” said Matt Wasilevic, who owns Airsoft Import of Canada, a wholesaler of airsoft supplies.

He told Sun on Thursday that if the bill was passed as-is, it would shut down the entire industry overnight, immediately outlawing the safe and vibrant hobbies enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of Canadians. He said he would close a thousand businesses.

Canadian police services and the military also regularly use Airsoft as a safe and inexpensive training tool.

Airsoft is legal in most countries, and in many countries weapons need to have an orange tip or a color that distinguishes them from the real thing.

Wasilewicz said the community would probably be familiar with such changes in order to keep their hobbies legal.

“The government made no effort to consult anyone in our industry,” he said.

The petition to overturn the decision has so far won about 16,000 signatures.
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Federal government confirms that Bill C-21 is targeting airsoft

Source link Federal government confirms that Bill C-21 is targeting airsoft

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