Fake Views – How to spot fake reviews when choosing an online casino

With so many options available, choosing an online casino can be tricky.  Every time you go online, you’re bombarding with any number of adverts for these sites, all of them offering fantastic offers; some of which seem too good to be true – and often they are.  When looking for an online casino, we often check out reviews to help us make up our minds but, unfortunately, some unscrupulous sites ‘pad out’ their testimonial pages with reviews that they’ve written themselves.  It can be difficult to spot which of these are authentic and which aren’t so, in this article, we’ll share with you the ways in which you can spot fake reviews when choosing an online casino to play your favorite slots online LVBET games like, : 

Word up

Your first step is to take a close look at several of the reviews for any given casino.  You may find that some of these feature the same kind of language and wording. If a number of reviews have a very similar feel to them, this is a perfect indication that the review is fake. 

The big picture

When time is short, it’s tempting to only look at reviews on the online casino’s own site, however, these can be the biggest culprits for fake reviews. Take the time to have a look at different review sites, such as Trustpilot, to get a better range of reviews and, as above, on these sites, keep an eye out for ‘samey samey’ reviews. 

The good, the bad and the ugly

At the beginning of this article, we mentioned the ‘too good to be true’ phenomena and, this can be really telling when spotting a fake review. Inexperienced online casino staff will tend to write fake reviews which are very much over the top when it comes to positive feedback. If you see a number of reviews which make the online casino sound like an amazing, life-changing experience, there’s a good chance that this has been written by the casino’s marketing team. A genuine review will usually include the occasional negative comment, even if the overall message of the review is a positive one. This is largely due to the fact that most people recognize that the purpose of a review is to help others to make a decision about a product or a service. 

The proof of the pudding

One way to see if a review is fake is to check out comments made. For example, if a review says that the writer was given an absolutely free start up bonus of £10, go onto the website and read the terms and conditions – if the terms state, for example, that the bonus only applies after you deposit £20 or more then you’ll know that the review was less than truthful. 


Reviews can be a really useful tool in helping us to make purchase decisions but, it’s important to remember that not everybody is as honest as you are. Take the time to study the reviews and, if you’re unsure, try contacting the reviewers to see if they seem genuine. Finally, if you decide to go ahead and use the site, don’t forget to leave your own review as, the more real reviews of a site there are, the less powerful are the fake ones. 

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