Experts predict a ‘two-sided’ winter

Winter rage may come soon, experts say, despite warm, mild temperatures continuing through most of the fall season.

Canadians should be prepared for below-normal temperatures across much of the country in December, according to a report from The Weather Network.

However, temperatures are expected to fluctuate following a chilly finale heading into 2022.

“Going into January and February, winter is expected to have several breaks in periods of mild weather, especially from southern Ontario to Newfoundland and Labrador,” meteorologist Doug Gillam reports for The Weather Network. I am writing to

For the third year in a row, Canadian winter weather is expected to be influenced primarily by the large-scale weather pattern known as La Niña. This correlates with cooler-than-normal water surface temperatures in the central and eastern equatorial Pacific.

But La Niña isn’t the only weather phenomenon predicted to provoke Old Winter’s ire. Add to the mix a portion of the polar vortex, which the Weather Network predicts will be located in northern Canada, blowing significant levels of arctic air south during the cool months of December.

Heading into January and February, La Niña is expected to bring cold, brisk winter weather across western Canada, with mild and stormy conditions from the Great Lakes to Atlantic Canada.

However, the Weather Network points out that winter weather in the west may occasionally shift eastward, moving from the eastern Prairie to areas straddling Quebec, and milder weather in British Columbia and Alberta. increase.

As a result, The Weather Network says Canadians will face “a winter with two faces”. “With periods of severe winter weather followed by periods of mild weather, you may wonder what happened to winter”? “

Experts predict a ‘two-sided’ winter

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