Excellence Canada reveals the future of work with updated Excellence Standards, Canadian Business Journal

Toronto, March 1, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Excellence Canada announces the release of two long-awaited updated management systems. Mental health at work® standard And that Healthy workplace® Framework.. Both focus on guiding employers to create a physically and mentally healthy and safe work environment through specific actions and best practices used by successful organizations.

Every week, more than 500,000 employees are absent from work due to mental health concerns, and mental illness accounts for up to two-thirds of long-term disability costs. Implementing these systems can reduce absenteeism, increase worker involvement, and pay dividends to organizations that are willing to invest in employee health by protecting and supporting their physical and mental health in the workplace. It is shown.

“A good organization depends on healthy employees. Healthy employees depend on a healthy workplace and mental health in the workplace,” said Allan Ebedes, President and CEO of Excellence Canada. increase. “These revised standards incorporate new knowledge and more than 20 years of sophistication and experience in helping organizations transform the culture of the workforce and become nationally recognized for role model performance. I am. “

Employers can seek coordinated guidance to adopt the standard through Excellence Canada Coaches. Its in-depth knowledge, proven approach, and hands-on experience make the implementation journey easier and more effective. Successful organizations can also be recognized and recognized under a national award program of excellence. Canada Excellence AwardTo celebrate their success and show customers, employees, and other stakeholders a cutting-edge approach to the future of work.

Overview of main functions

  • Simplified progressive implementation methodology with 19 desirable results
  • The organization’s “culture of excellence” is woven into the whole to improve the experience for both employees and customers.
  • Complements and supports existing frameworks and certification systems such as ISO 45001, ISO 45003, Accreditation Canada, Bureau denormalization du Québec (BNQ) Healthy Enterprise Standard 9700-800.
  • Fully integrated with CSA and BNQ Canada’s national standard for psychological health and safety in the workplace
  • 13 Psychosocial Factors Protect your mind at work Built-in

Which Excellence Canada System is right for your people’s well-being?

The Mental health at work® Framework It is usually selected by organizations that focus on improving the mental health of their employees and want to be recognized nationally for that purpose. Excellence Canada is an organization Canada’s national standard for psychological health and safety in the workplace..

The Healthy workplace® standard It is usually chosen by organizations that require a complete, balanced and holistic approach to optimizing the overall employee experience. This standard has Mental health at work® Not only will you elaborate on lifestyle practices, the physical environment, and the community.

How to get started

Through the following services, Excellence Canada can help employers of all sectors and sizes get off to a quicker start and produce the best possible results without trial and error.

  • Quick evaluation – Understand organizational trends to determine employee health and maturity in readiness to continue
  • Evaluation of excellence – Full-service organizational certification and awards for standards, including current reports, recommendations, and strategic improvement plans.
  • Coaching and consulting – Customized expert solutions to support every stage of your journey to excellence and well-being
  • training – Communication of unique team or individual skills and knowledge to achieve the desired results of the standard

About Excellence Canada
Excellence Canada is an independent non-profit corporation dedicated to promoting organizational excellence across Canada. We have helped companies prosper for over 36 years with highly effective programs and practices. Our vision is to promote and achieve excellence in all Canadian organizations and maintain that excellence in all sectors of the economy.

As a national authority Organizational excellence, a healthy workplace When Mental health at work, Excellence Canada provides organizations of all sizes and sectors with an outstanding framework, standards, consulting, training, and independent validation and certification.We are also leading caretakers and arbitrators Canada Excellence Award program.

Canada Excellence Award, Healthy workplace, and mental health in the workplace Is a registered trademark of Excellence Canada.

contact address:
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416-251-7600 extension 231

Inquiries about standards
Russ Gahan, Vice President
416-251-7600 extension 249

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Excellence Canada reveals the future of work with updated Excellence Standards, Canadian Business Journal

Source link Excellence Canada reveals the future of work with updated Excellence Standards, Canadian Business Journal

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