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Everyday activities that “count” as exercise

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You’re probably sick of hearing that physical activity is important to your health and that we should all be doing it. at least 150 minutes per week 75 minutes of “moderate” exercise, such as walking, or “vigorous” exercise, such as running. But there are many other ways to stay active.

of Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans defined as registering moderate-intensity activity in the range of less than 3.0 to 6.0 METs, or metabolic equivalentOne MET is defined as the amount of energy you burn just by being present, somewhere in the range of calories per minute. (Of course, this varies from person to person based on their build, age, etc.) So if you can burn four times the energy he expends while lying in bed on a brisk walk, it matters. I would say yes. 4 METs, firmly in the “moderate” category.

Here’s the cool thing: lot Between 3 and 6 METs are registered. A team of scientists tested the energy expenditure of various activities in the laboratory and created graphs of MET measurements. These include household chores such as some sort of cleaning, and activities that are not considered exercise, such as playing golf or doing a job where you stand all day. Here are some of those registered in the “Moderate” range:

Activities for 3-4 METs:

  • Slow ballroom dances such as waltzes, foxtrots, slow dances, samba, tangos, 19th century dances, mambos and chachas.
  • fishing
  • Walking with a small child who weighs 15 pounds. that’s all
  • nailing
  • plumbing work
  • Play guitar in a rock’n’roll band (standing)
  • Bartenders, clerks, librarians, and other standing and walking jobs
  • Bowling
  • play frisbee
  • Sailing, including windsurfing and ice sailing
  • bed making
  • working on car
  • caribbean dance, Including Abakua, Beguine, Bellair, Bongo, Brukin’s, Caribbean Quadrills, Dinki Mini, Gere, Gumbay, Ibo, Jonkonnu, Kumina, Oreysha, Jambu
  • Car wash, window cleaning, garage cleaning

In general, most jobs and tasks you get up to will log around 3 METs of time. Want to step up? Below are more than 4 METs.

  • Do your laundry in a place where you hang your laundry by hand and hang it to dry
  • Elderly care, including bathing, dressing, getting in and out of bed
  • Household tasks such as cleaning the toilet or pushing around a cleaning cart
  • Coaching for soccer, soccer, basketball, baseball, swimming, etc.
  • push or pull the stroller, walk with the child
  • plant something in the garden
  • Take care of the horses by feeding them, watering them and cleaning the stalls
  • Dance like Greek or MMiddle E.Astern Folk Dance, Hula, Salsa, Merengue, Bambai Plena, Flamenco, Belly, Swing
  • mowing with lawnmower
  • doubles tennis
  • Swimming like a leisurely backstroke

Farm and garden tasks appear a lot in this range, alongside exercises Such as power yoga or using a rowing machine on a light setting. Then those that register more than 5 METs:

  • ballet, modern, or jazz dance
  • cleaning gutters
  • house exterior painting
  • skateboard
  • use of crutches
  • spiritual dance in church
  • “Moderate effort” shoveling snow (“general shoveling” is in the higher category)
  • Hike or walk through fields and hillsides
  • quick ballroom dancing
  • hit the punching bag
  • Ice skating at speeds of 9 mph or less
  • rodeo sports
  • Moving furniture and carrying boxes

The 5+ category also includes boot camp classes, army-style obstacle courses, heavy squats, and lap swimming. Harder tasks than those listed here could fall into categories of 6 Mets or more starting with basketball, cheerleading and drag racing driving his car and going up from there.

Everyday activities that “count” as exercise

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