EnviroGold Global will produce precious and clean energy and battery metal in 2022.Provides up-to-date information on short-term milestones and project pipelines for the Canadian Business Journal

Toronto, March 14, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — EnviroGold Global Limited (CSE: NVRO | OTCQB: RGOZF | FSE: YGK) (“EnviroGold Global” or “Company”), a clean technology that accelerates the transition to the global cycle Enterprise-Resource economy through production Metal without miningHas achieved significant milestones towards clean energy of precious metals (gold, silver) and commercial production of battery metals (gold, silver), with the expected short-term growth milestones and our global tail. We are pleased to be able to provide you with the latest information on the development of the ore reprocessing pipeline. The company previously announced that the metals produced by the Hellyer Tailings Reprocessing and Buchans Tailings Reprocessing Projects are expected to reduce greenhouse gas (“HGH”) intensity per gold by 96%. The amount of ounces produced and the energy intensity is reduced by more than 80% compared to the industry average of traditional mining (link).

The major recent milestones we have announced are:

  • Hellyer Tailings Reprocessing Project
    • 83.5% gold recovery and 94.6% silver recovery (HGM flotation pretreatment) demonstrated by Hellyer Refractory Tailings 634k oz gold, 22.9M oz silver, 14k ton copper, 176k ton zinc, 228k ton Lead 2.60 g / t Au, 94 g / t Ag, 2.33% Zn, 3.01% Pb, 0.19% Cu are measured and displayed at 6.37 Mt detailed in the 2020 JORC Historical Estimates (link) and It is included in the estimated resource of 1.21 Mt.
  • Buchans Tailings Reprocessing Project
    • Substantial additional Tailings demonstrated by an independent geophysical survey and approval of Buchans Tailings reprocessing and metal recovery projects in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada (link)

The expected short-term milestones are:

  • Hellyer Project Finance Announced
    • In the third quarter of 2021, we started discussions on project finance for the Hellyer Tailings Reprocessing Project. The debate on project finance was accelerated by the signing of a definitive, binding commercial agreement to reprocess Hellyer Tailings in February 2022.
    • We will announce that the Hellyer Tailings Reprocessing Project will be financed in the second quarter of 2022.
  • Announcing Strategic Operating Partnerships with Global EPCM (Engineering, Procurement, Construction Management) Companies
    • In the third quarter of 2021, we opened our first deals with several major global EPCM companies. We plan to announce a strategic operational partnership with a global EPCM company in the summer of 2022.
  • Publish BuchansTailings Reprocessing Resource Estimates
    • BuchansRiverDelta Tailings verification corring started
    • Publish the results of the BuchansRiverDelta Tailings Coring Program
    • Develop the Buchans River Delta Rehabilitation Project Scoping Study.
  • Pre-development of major Tailings reprocessing project pipeline
    • EnviroGold Global will announce an additional binding and definitive commercial agreement for major Tailings reprocessing projects in the summer of 2022.

The figure shows the relative project potential of a top tailing reprocessing project evaluated internally by NVRO. The size of the bubble is proportional to the potential of the recoverable metal. The Y-axis ranks the volumetric potential of Tailings. NVRO typically targets Tailings reprocessing projects with over 2 million tonnes of Tailings and a total recoverable metal value of US $ 100 / ton. The goal of NVRO’s “ideal” Tailings reprocessing project is 6 million tonnes of Tailings and US $ 124 / ton.

Photos accompanying this announcement are available at

Qualified Person Statement

All scientific and technical information contained in this news release was created and endorsed by Ian Hodkinson of MAIGRP Geo, Chief Geologist of Enviro Gold Global, a qualified person as defined in NI 43-101.

About EnviroGold Global

EnviroGold Global (CSE: NVRO) (OTCQB: RGOZF) (FSE: YGK) is a valuable and important strategic metal – gold, silver, copper, nickel and more. The company, led by CEO Dr. Mark Thorpe, is in a strategic position to acquire and maintain social licenses while leveraging an estimated US $ 3.4 trillion in-situ metal value in Tailings worldwide. Dr. Thorpe also chairs the Canadian Mining Innovation Council.

The company’s commercial strategy involves identifying, certifying, and developing opportunities for Tailings reprocessing, typically at least 6 million metric tonnes of Tailings and $ 124 / ton of Tailings total recoverable metal value. Targets Tailings sites with. To date, we have reviewed more than 300 global Tailings sites and, through further market segmentation, have identified potential targets for total recoverable metal values ​​of over US $ 10 billion.

EnviroGold Global acquires metal recovery rights for the Tailings site by leveraging a profit sharing business model to create attractive value propositions for site owners. The company’s low CAPEX business model is designed to generate high free cash flow and high target IRR while eliminating the risks of traditional exploration and mining. The company expects to produce metals with a carbon footprint that is up to 96% lower than traditional metal producers, while reducing the environmental footprint of legacy mining.

As of January 2022, we have eight major projects in our global project pipeline. This includes two major projects under the final contract and six additional major projects at various stages of negotiations and detailed technical / economic reviews.

We plan to begin production of precious metals (gold and silver), clean energy metals and battery metals (copper, lead, zinc) in 2022, with the goal of seven major commercial production projects by 2025. increase.

Additional information can be found on our website (Link) And public corporate presentations (Link).

More information

Dr. Mark B. Thorpe

Chief executive officer

Phone number: +1 416 777 6720


Juan Carlos Hiron Jr.

Senior Vice President

Phone number: +1 416 777 6720



Neither the Canadian Stock Exchange nor its regulatory service provider (the term is defined in the Canadian Stock Exchange policy) is responsible for the validity or accuracy of this news release. There is no relationship between us and the World Resources Institute or the Greenhouse Gas Portal and any content of this news release should not be construed as implying approval by the World Resources Institute or the Greenhouse Gas Portal. ..

Description of future prospects

This news release contains a “forward-looking statement” in the sense of applicable securities law. This includes, but is not limited to, revenue guidance, economic guidance, operational guidance, and future capital spending. All statements contained in this document that are not clearly historical in nature may constitute forward-looking statements.

The graphic representations contained in this news release are approximate representations that may differ from the defined regulatory boundaries.

In general, such forward-looking information or forward-looking statements such as “plan”, “expect” or “not expect”, “expected”, “budget”, “planned”, etc. Can be identified using terms related to. , “Estimate”, “Prediction”, “Intention”, “Prediction”, “Unexpected”, “Believe”, or a variation of such a word or phrase, or a particular action, event, or result is “possible” The statement “is” may be included, “done”, “would”, “may” or “taken”, “continue”, “occur” or “achieved”. The forward-looking information and forward-looking statements contained herein include the expected conditions and completion of the Hellyer Tailings reprocessing project and our cooperation with the owner of the Hellyer Tailings. However, it is not limited to these. The economic feasibility of the Hellyer Tailings Reprocessing Project and a statement on residual precious metals as a by-product of restoration, our ability to accelerate the expansion of our reprocessing pipeline and the transition to a global recycling economy. Information about the future outlook for this news release is based on certain assumptions and expected future events. Continued commercial viability and growth in the clean technology and mining waste reprocessing industry. Continued approval of our activities by relevant governments and / or regulatory agencies. Continuous development of clean technology and mining waste reprocessing technology. And the continuous growth of the company. These statements include known and unknown risks, uncertainties, and other factors, and actual results, performance, or outcomes may differ materially from those expressed or implied by these statements. There is sex. Continuing companies; our inability to accelerate the transition to a global recycling economy, the risks associated with assessing metallurgical recovery from mine taillings and waste, and associated volume assessments, generally mining and mining waste. Risks associated with the goods recycling industry. Intensifying competition in the clean technology and waste reprocessing markets. Potential infeasibility of clean technology and mining waste reprocessing markets. False assessment of the value and potential benefits of various transactions. Risks associated with potential government and / or regulatory measures regarding clean technology and reprocessing of mining waste. Risks associated with the potential disruption of the value of clean technology and waste reprocessing. Also, the risks associated with the possibility that we will not be able to expand our reprocessing pipeline.

Please note that the above list is not exhaustive. Readers should also be careful not to place undue reliance on forward-looking statements. There is no guarantee that any plans, intentions, or expectations will arise in which they will be placed. Such information is considered reasonable by management at the time of creation, but may prove inaccurate and actual results may differ materially from expectations. The forward-looking statements contained in this news release are expressly modified by this notice and reflect our expectations as of today and are subject to change. Whether we explain significant differences between new information, quotes or opinions, future events or consequences, or subsequent actual events and information about such future prospects, in the future. We undertake no obligation to update or revise any statement regarding our outlook. Except as required by applicable law.

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EnviroGold Global will produce precious and clean energy and battery metal in 2022.Provides up-to-date information on short-term milestones and project pipelines for the Canadian Business Journal

Source link EnviroGold Global will produce precious and clean energy and battery metal in 2022.Provides up-to-date information on short-term milestones and project pipelines for the Canadian Business Journal

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