Entourage Health announces new 2022 color cannabis branding campaign to congratulate all women-led marketing and promotion teams in the Canadian Business Journal

Toronto, March 8, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Entourage Health Corp. (Formerly WeedMD Inc.) (TSX-V: ENTG) (OTCQX: ETRGF) (FSE: 4WE) (“Entourage” or “society”), Canadian producers and distributors of award-winning cannabis products and brands announce a renewal of the color cannabis (“color ”) adult brand with the launch of the new 2022 brand campaign“ Just Add Color ”. I am happy to be able to do it. .. The campaign begins on International Women’s Day and honors all the women’s creative teams behind the brand renewal.

“Color Cannabis is quickly recognized in the retail market as one of the most visually destructive brands by using vibrant packaging, but the story behind the Color varieties and their Pantone color combinations is It hasn’t been talked about before, “said Nikki Thomas, Senior Marketing Manager for Entourage’s commercial brand. “We are proud to introduce color theory into the cannabis industry.”Just add a color‘Campaign-Aims to educate consumers about the correlation between color associated with a particular lineage and its potential mood effects.Commonly associated colors Calm, calm and uplift Moments give context to each deliberately selected color cannabis strain. “

In addition to Color Cannabis, Thomas leads a team of four female creatives who oversee all Entourage brands, including Saturday Cannabis, Royal City Cannabis, and its medical brand Starseed Medical. All of these will launch a new campaign this year.

Since the launch of the color cannabis brand in 2019, Entourage has leveraged consumer feedback to continuously enhance its premium brand. In 2020, Entourage introduced a nitrogen-injected pouch for all flower products to increase freshness, sustainability and reduce packaging waste by more than 80%. In 2021, we introduced terpene labels on all color packages and included Bobeda terpene shield packets on all dried flower products. With this 2022 update, Entourage also includes additional information about the color package regarding the curing process and trimming method.

According to recent retail data, Color is ranked 12th in total sales in Canada, with a 4.85% market share in the pre-roll segment and 5th in the product segment ().See also: Buddi Data, February 2022). In addition, Color achieved significant growth in the premium flower and pre-roll market segments in 2021. This is a year-on-year increase in sales of 535% and a total market share of 2.1% (Reference: Hifyre data as of December 31, 2021 published in January 2022). In addition, the Color brand was one of the top 10 performers in 2021 with a 66% year-on-year increase in retail growth (See also: Buddi Data, January 5, 2022), Represents a growing consumer market share.

International Women’s Day

On International Women’s Day 2022, Entourage proudly celebrates the women’s workforce. This reflects about 50% gender split across all levels, including company supervisors, managers, and board-level positions. Entourage’s C-Suite is also 50% female. A recent study by MJBiz found that only 22% of women in North American cannabis companies were gender-separated, and a study by Deloitte in Canada found that the leadership level was only 14%, so this is cannabis. It represents an impressive milestone in the industry. Entourage focuses on developing programs that continue to promote women to leadership positions through mentorship programs based on individual strengths and opportunities to address the industry’s notable gaps in diversity. ((((Deloitte: Industry attention, October 2021).

To read Entourage’s recent shareholder newsletter 2022, please visit this website. To access our corporate videos, visit here for the latest investor presentations and corporate decks.

About Entourage Health Corp.

Entourage Health Corp. (formerly WeedMD Inc.) is a publicly traded parent company of Entourage Brands Corp. (formerly WeedMD RX Inc.) and CannTx Life Sciences Inc., licensed to manufacture and sell medical and adult cannabis products. The owner. market. We own and operate 158 acres of state-of-the-art greenhouses, outdoor and processing facilities in ON’s Strathroy and a fully licensed 26,000 square foot Aylmer processing facility specializing in cannabis extraction. With the addition of the healthcare-centric brand Starseed Medical, Entourage has expanded its multi-channel distribution strategy. The industry’s first exclusive partnership between Starseed and Canada’s largest construction union, LiUNA, will complement Entourage’s direct sales to medical patients, along with employers and union groups. In 2021, Entourage is a craft cultivator, CannTx Life Sciences Inc, operating at a state-of-the-art micropropagation and specialty extraction facility in Guelph, Ontario. Was acquired. Entourage’s elite adult product portfolio includes craft brands Royal City Cannabis, Color Cannabis and Saturday Cannabis, sold by eight local distributors. We also maintain a strategic relationship in the elderly market and have a supply contract with Shoppers Drug Mart. It is the exclusive Canadian producer and distributor of the award-winning US-based wellness brand Mary’s Medicals, sold in both medical and adult channels. Entourage recently announced an exclusive collaboration with a subsidiary of the Boston Beer Company to launch a cannabis-containing beverage in Canada.

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Entourage Health announces new 2022 color cannabis branding campaign to congratulate all women-led marketing and promotion teams in the Canadian Business Journal

Source link Entourage Health announces new 2022 color cannabis branding campaign to congratulate all women-led marketing and promotion teams in the Canadian Business Journal

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